Who says you need lots of ground space to grow crops of vegetables? In fact, you can have a lot of success by growing them vertically instead. There are quite a few ways to do this that you can choose from as well. Just read on to find out what they are.

Producing Food No Matter The Size Of The Space

The shoe organizer method

The first method is super cheap and easy, and it involves buying a canvas shoe organizer, one that is plastic coated with waterproof material if you can find it. Then you fill each separate pocket with soil and hang the organizer from hooks on a wall or door outside.

After that, you can plant the veg, fruit, or herbs that you want in each pocket. Something that provides you with a quick and easy way to grow a good size crop with the minimum of space.

Of course, as any seasoned gardener knows many vegetables and fruit plants need to be nurtured in a greenhouse beforehand they are planted outside. Something that presents a conundrum indeed for those with little space.

Happily, there are some solutions to this problem, including buying an especially small greenhouse that will fit comfortably in a tiny garden. Alternatively, if you are just growing a few crops, you can use the top of a plastic soda bottle with the cap kept on to generate enough heat to give things like strawberries, something that are perfect to use in breakfast recipes like this, a good start.

The wooden rack method

The next way to grow vertical vegetables is to use wooden racks that are either fixed to a wall or fence or that are free standing. These are usually made up of stacks of individual troughs that hold the soil and are V-shaped, so the plants have enough room to spread and grow as they develop.

They are usually a bit more expensive than the first suggestion. However, they can be reused year after year, so make a good investment if you know you will want to keep up with your vertical vegetable growing in the long term.

The plastic container method

Last, of all, consider using plastic household items as vertical troughs to grow your vegetables in. Gutter pipes make an excellent choice because they safely hold in all the soil and moisture. They just need a hole cut a hole in the top for the plants to grow out of. This method also has a very small space footprint and can be placed up high to give you as much room as possible, so your garden is still usable.

Then there is the simple solution that a large plastic bin or container can provide. Try to get one that is wider in circumference at the top than at the bottom. This is important because it allows light to get to all the plants at once after you had cut hole in the side of the bin and placed them in.

Producing Food No Matter The Size Of The Space

If you do go this route though, just be sure to use a sharp craft or garden knife and wear gloves. Otherwise, you can end up cutting yourself instead of the pipe. Something that you definitely don’t want to happen while you are constructing your vertical garden!

Producing Food No Matter The Size Of The Space

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