The “Scandi” trend has been the dominant force of home design and decor in recent years. In fact, it became so mainstream that it seemed almost impossible to see it as a trend– it seemed that this was just how decor was going to be now; Scandi style became the epitome of home style.

For those who aren’t familiar — or weren’t aware that this style had a specific name — here’s a quick overview of what compromises the Scandi home style:

Bright, light spaces
Minimalist in terms of decor
Accessories and decorative touches
Texture, such as rugs, throws, and curtains
White furniture, sometimes with wooden — usually pine — legs.

It seems that in recent years, we’ve all been invaded by Scandinavia, and we’ve welcomed our conquerors willingly. Is it ever going to end? Or is color and variance going to make a return to our homes in 2018?

The living room

Will The Scandi Trend Survive To 2018?

There’s no denying that Scandi living rooms look beautiful, although they do have a tendency to look rather impractical. The minimal nature of this trend helps to maximize the space in your home, but it can be tough to live with if you’re a pack-rat– so is there good news for you in the future?

In truth… not yet. Our living rooms are still going to be dominated by the minimalist fantasy that so many of us love the aesthetic of, but find outright impossible to live with. White will still be a dominant color in 2018, though you can always spice things up by adding colored wall art to compensate for the clinical feel white walls can sometimes produce.

The kitchen

Will The Scandi Trend Survive To 2018?

The kitchen is one area of the house that skipped a lot of the Scandi trend, though it was not completely immune. The overall feel of a Scandi kitchen is white, light, bright. Silver was the predominant color, and wooden legs on furniture were requisite.

It looks like the tide may be turning when it comes to the Scandi style and the kitchen. We’re beginning to see tons of kitchen sink options that abandon the “white, bright” color scheme in favor of darker options, such as granite. Furniture is slowly turning away from the wooden leg obsession too, with more and more kitchen furniture now featuring darker colors which are easier to maintain than their Scandi-white counterparts.

The bedroom

Scandi bedrooms look like perfect havens; areas you can retreat to and truly turn into a sanctuary. They’re also easier to maintain than Scandi living rooms, as you use the bedroom less frequently and thus can maintain all of that white with the greatest success.

Whether or not the light, white bedrooms of the past will continue into 2018 is up for discussion– but the trends suggest that color is making a comeback. Designers are now showcasing colorful collections that lean heavily on some of the Scandi staples, such as a love of textures, without feeling the need to completely bleach the entire color palette.

In Conclusion

If you’ve never liked the Scandi style, the bad news is that it looks like it — or some elements of it, at least — will continue into the new year. The good news is that it can always be jazzed up with your own touches!

Will The Scandi Trend Survive To 2018?

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