Choosing The Perfect Engagment Ring To Last A Lifetime

Finding your soulmate is no small matter. Asking them to be yours forever isn’t either. Engagement rings are at the center of every proposal. This means that buying the perfect ring is huge to so many people. You want to show how much you love and care for your future spouse, as well as how much you want to be with them, all while not breaking the bank. So browse this site, for a great selection. It’s a monumental task for a monumental moment in your lives. You can find good options in jeulia products and you can get good discount also on the same using jeulia coupons code.

Choosing The Perfect Engagment Ring To Last A Lifetime

Jewelry Stores Can Be Overwhelming, Go Prepared

Walking into dayton ohio jewelry stores, or any other city’s jewelry store can be overwhelming. Beautiful, sparkly gems flash from all sides, and it’s easy to be confused and not know whether you are getting the right thing, or a good deal. It’s even worse if you are unprepared.

What To Know Before You Go

Knowing the shape of the diamond your significant other wants is ideal. The shape is the most obvious part of a diamond, and can really show off their style. Diamond shapes include the following, round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, cushion, pear, and heart. Then there are the 4 Cs of diamonds, color, clarity, cut, and carat.

A Brief Overview Of Diamond Shapes

Round diamonds are circular, and the most bought diamond. With their bright shine and timeless look, they are a great pick for anyone. If you are unsure of the right shape, a round diamond is always a safe bet.

Princess cut diamonds are known for their 90 degree angle corners, and square or occasionally rectangle shape. The angles of the princess cut mean that there is an X shape pattern when you look directly into the stone.

Emerald diamonds are elegant with their rectangular facets. This shape makes the clarity of the diamond really stand out.

The asscher cut is similar to the emerald but is more square. With its pavilion of facets, the asscher cut gives off a lovely, more subdued light.

Marquise are shaped like tiny footballs, as they are pointed at two ends. It can give the illusion of slimmer fingers when placed vertically. It is the longest shape of diamond, and a very unique look. Don’t buy this shape unless you are sure that this is what your soul mate wants.

Cushion cut diamonds feature rounded edges, but similar square shape to the princess diamond. They also can be rectangular in shape, like the emerald diamonds. It is a nice combination of those looks.

The pear shape is pointed at one and rounded at the other, like a teardrop. It can be long like the marquise or shorter and thicker, creating a very versatile shape.

Heart shaped diamonds are becoming more popular. The heart shape has long been seen as a symbol for love. What better occasion for a symbol of love than a proposal? Show your loved one how you feel with a heart shaped diamond for the best moment of their lives.

Shape is the first and possibly most important thing you will need to decide on. Especially since it is the first thing anyone notices. Get something that will be special to you and your soul mate for a perfect engagement ring.

The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs are color, carat, clarity, and cut. Once you choose the shape of your diamond, these are the specifics of the diamond. What makes each diamond unique and the brilliance of the diamond is determined by the 4 Cs.

Color actually refers to how little color is in the diamond. The less color there is the more it will cost. The higher the grade of color, the more the diamond will appear clear, the lowest grades may have a dull brown or even yellowish hue.

Carat is a measurement of the size of the diamond. Larger diamonds are rarer and so you will see huge price jumps with very little size difference. Often, a smaller diamond with a better cut or color can outshine a bigger diamond where quality had to be sacrificed for size.

External and Internal impurities affect clarity. When a diamond does not form perfectly it has these imperfections. Practically every diamond has these. However, the point is to not have them visible without magnifying.

Cut can make or break a diamond. Buy the highest cut grade you can afford. Even if the diamond is not quite what you wanted due to budget, a high cut grade will make it literally shine. Cut refers to the make of the diamond, the polish, cut and symmetry grade will determine how much light shines through, making the sparkle that is so appealing about diamonds.

How To Save A Jewelry Store Trip If You Are Not Prepared

Unprepared for all the choices at a dayton ohio jewelry store? The first step is shape. Think of your soul mate waiting for you. Do they have a more timeless, traditional style, like a round diamond? Or a more elegant, subdued beauty and grace which will match an emerald or cushion diamond? Princess cuts are a popular choice if they have a more exciting style. Whereas marquise is good if you know they want something more uniquely them. That being said, be wary of marquise, unless you are sure of that style. There may be a reason it isn’t as commonly bought.

Once you’ve chosen the shape it’s time for the 4 Cs. A good rule of thumb is just to go with what you can afford here. It is not wise to break the bank with a wedding coming up; you do not want to be surprised with the expenses of a wedding when your bank account is empty.

Lasting A Lifetime

You want your ring, like your love and relationship to last a lifetime. Therefore, you need to be ready before going shopping for your engagement ring. With a budget and shape in mind, as well as an understanding of color, carat, clarity, and cut you will wow your future spouse at the moment when it counts.




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