Aerial view of affluent neighborhood in Malaysia Moving Countries Is More Beneficial When You Become A Resident

We live in a globalized world where movement between countries is easier than ever before. Perhaps not right now – in the midst of a pandemic – but when the craziness is over, people can move to and from countries with ease. Usually, the visa applications are lengthy, but most people can qualify for them without any trouble. However, this can lead to some of you deciding to move to different countries all the time. You spend a year or two in one place, then another couple of years in another, and so on. 

While this may seem like an awesome idea, it does have some drawbacks. By not staying in a country for too long, you never become a permanent resident. As such, you miss out on many potential benefits that this country offers! For instance, let’s look at one of the most popular countries right now: Malaysia. To become a Malaysian resident, you have to stay there for five years. Upon doing so, you unlock many government benefits for Malaysians – including affordable housing schemes. 

There are loads of affordable housing schemes in Malaysia that make house buying much simpler. You can afford your first ever property at a bargain price, settling into your new life abroad. There’s a stunning infographic below that gives you all the information you could hope to know about affordable housing in Malaysia. You’ll see each of the schemes, understanding who they’re aimed at and what you get out of them. If you’re thinking about moving there, this is something you need to know. 

Generally, becoming a permanent resident of any country will help you live a better life. For now, if you want to learn more about Malaysian Affordable Housing Schemes, check out the graphic:

Infographic designed by: PropertyGuru Group

Moving Countries Is More Beneficial When You Become A Resident

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