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Shape Up with Monroe and Main – Review and Giveaway

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First, I have to say…I hate having my photo taken.  All of our family albums are filled with pictures of my husband, kids and grand kids, but hardly any of me.  I don’t like what I see in the mirror.  My size and “shape” have been an embarrassment to me. Before I became a Fashionista, I NEVER would have dreamed that I would “put myself out there” for the world to see.  Shelley, The Blondest of them All, and her Fashionista opportunities, have forced my to move out of my comfort zone, and that’s been a great experience for me.  I’m learning to accept myself for who I am.  I am no longer letting myself be defined by my size.  I wish to publicly thank her along with  Katy Rose and Monroe and Main, for building up my confidence and self esteem.  I doubt that they will ever truly know how much this has meant to me.

How To Dress Your Body Type


It’s important to know your body type/shape in order to find the clothing that best suites you. Monroe and Main offers several infographics to help you not only determine your body type, but also to easily find the right styles to flatter your individual figure. You can also check our their Dress Your Body Type Pinterest Board!

monroe-and-main_infographic 4

First – Measure yourself the proper way!

Don’t hold your breath and don’t pull your measuring tape too tight.  For best results, measure yourself in your under garments. I was provided with an easy to use measuring tape from Monroe and Main, to accurately take my pertinent measurements.

Second – Find Your Shape

Do you have an hourglass figure, or are you an Oval, Triangle Inverted Triangle, or Rectangle?  I happen to be somewhere in between an Hourglass and Inverted Triangle (my bust and hips are wider than my waist, but I’m a little wider in the hips than in my upper body).

Third  – What Type of Shapeware Will be Most Beneficial for Your Body Shape

I felt that the best thing for me, is to tuck in my tummy and backside and create a smooth look under my clothing.  I chose the Simply Smoothing Brief in Nude. MM Simply Smoothing Brief

Fourth – Pick the Prints and Colors That Will be Most Flattering on YOU!

I chose a gorgeous print top with fringe details, to draw attention to my upper body.  Monroe makes it easy to find the perfect fit, with size charts which can be accessed with each clothing item.

MM Highlighted Size ChartSo, what do you think of my choice?

In the photos in this post, I am wearing my tops with both dark jeans and a black maxi skirt.  As you can see, they are both equally fitting for casual and more formal wear. I love the colors and print. The cut allows for plenty of extra room in the arms. Accessories by Monroe and Main: Sunglasses, Beaded Necklace/Earring Set and Mellow World Jasmine Bag in Plum.

New 2 Collage

M&M 10

Would you like to win a great prize package from Monroe and Main?  Well, today is your lucky day.  One winner from Libby’s Library will win a :

“How to Dress Your Body Type Kit” which will include the Monroe and Main measuring tape and a $185 Monroe and Main shopping spree for shapewear AND an outfit.


New 1

M&M 3

Be sure to enter for the chance to win both here and at the other 24 participating blogs. Here at Libby’s Library there will be chances for extra entries each day.  Watch for additional photos of more looks with these two fantastic tops.

New 2

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Shape Up with Monroe and Main – Review and Giveaway

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108 thoughts on “Shape Up with Monroe and Main – Review and Giveaway

  1. First I have to say you look amazing I have a very similar shape and I am loving that top. I learned that knowing your shape is the key to finding flattering clothing

  2. I took my measurements and I found out that I have an hourglass shape and I how I wear my clothes to flatter that shape is important.

  3. I learned that I’ve been wearing my cardigans all wrong! I should be wearing fitted cardigans rather than loose and flowy ones.

  4. I learned that I am more of a rectangle shape. I also learned that once you know your shape, it’s easy to understand which areas to highlight and which you might want to play down a bit!

  5. I learned that once you know your body type, it’s easy to understand which areas to highlight!

  6. I learned that I’m a triangle shape because I have somewhat narrow shoulders. I always thought I was an hourglass because I’m so busty.

  7. Learned how to properly take my measurements and learn my body type so I can easily find better fitting clothes that look more flattering on me.

  8. I had no idea there so many different body types! Also, I the first step in determining body type is to start with your body’s measurements.

  9. I learned that you are supposed to pair bold and bright colors with more neutral colors, I never really do that. Thank you.

  10. I learned I am “triangle shape”

    at least that’s what I think from reading that entire post!!!

    thank you! xoxoxox

  11. Oval
    For oval body shapes, the waist measurement is larger than the bust and hip numbers. This is a very common body shape – if you have it, add some definition to your body by wearing structured and belted tops or jackets and dresses that help you emphasize a natural waist. Tops that highlight the thin area just below your bust will add instant definition.

  12. I learned yet again my body type does not fit any of them! I am a combo of 2 of them! But I learned the difference between the types!

  13. I found that I am an oval, and that I can use that body frame knowledge to pick out outfits that will flatter.

  14. I too seem to be in between the hour glass and inverted triangle, because of my hips. I always just assumed I was hour glass, because I don’t have narrow shoulders!

  15. I learned that I have an hourglass shape. I also learned about their way of measuring your waist, as I’ve never seen it demonstrated that way.

  16. I learned that knowing your body’s shape is the perfect foundation for dressing well and choosing clothes that flatter.

  17. i learned that there is many different types of shapes for your body and how to accent your body to make your clothes fit and look better

  18. I learned that I am more likely a rectangle body shape when I have thought I was a pear shape or oval.

  19. Women with inverted triangle body shapes will have larger bust measurements than their waist and hip numbers, and visually their bodies will appear more narrow at the hips than the shoulders. <<< that's me!

  20. I believe that I have an hour glass shape. I saw a young lady tonight who desperately needs to learn to dress her body type. I think that she is an inverted triangle. Love those purple shades!

  21. Apparently I’m a rectangle — how unglamorous sounding! Interesting that I’ve always found empire waisted dresses to be the most flattering on me but they aren’t even mentioned here for rectangles!

  22. Great topic! I have been having a lot of difficulty finding clothing to fit my body type! I have a rectangle shape, with a big belly in front. I have put on a lot of weight…and it all went to my mid-section! I have decided that simply black on black is the only way to combat this difficult shape! I need some other options!

  23. Now I know I’m a rectangle and have a clearer instruction on what to properly wear. Thanks for this post.

  24. I learned that I apparently don’t know my shape. I thought I could just look at the pics and tell what it was, but I’m going to have to measure instead.

  25. I am loving the duster and the purple shades! I learned that, while I am still an hourglass shape, the ratio between my waist and hips is ever lessening. One of these days, I will be a rectangle! But when that happens, I will be happy because I’ll know how to dress, thanks to guides like the one at Monroe and Main!

  26. I learned that I am just barely an hourglass, but I feel more like a rectangle. I like to wear belted dresses or elastic waist to create a more defined waistline.

  27. I am an oval shape and my wife is an hourglass shape. It’s exciting to learn that there is a flattering way to dress any body shape.

  28. I learned that I’m a hourglass shape and should wear bold colors and prints to accentuate my assets.

  29. I learned that I’m a rectangle shape and belted A Line dresses plus mixing prints and solids are a great way to emphasize my waist.

  30. Hourglass body shapes are defined by a waist that’s smaller than both the bust and hips. You have an hourglass body shape if your bust and hips are visually wider and similar in measurements, and if your waist measurement is smaller than the other two.

  31. I learned that I am hourglass but not quite sure because I am 50 pounds overweight. It is hard to find clothes that fits me nevertheless works well with my body shape. But, I like the simplicity that Monroe and Main have done to finding your body shape.

  32. I learned that paying attention to what color the item is, or what the print is, is just as important as looking at how the clothing is cut when it comes to choosing items that will flatter your body type.

  33. I took my measurements and learned that I am hourglass figure. I should wear bold colors or prints that highlight my assets.

  34. I learned that I was a rectangle and kind of an oval shape. Interesting clothes they have for our body shape, awesome.

  35. you look very nice! I learned I am most likely an oval shape, which is common. I need to purchase/wear clothing that gives me definition of a natural waistline. Tops that highlight the thin area just below your bust will add instant definition.

  36. “It’s a good idea to take your measurements every few months anyway – our bodies are always changing”
    Sad but true

  37. I absolutely love that fringe duster! I think I am somewhere between an oval and rectangle shape and would love to learn more about dressing for my body type.

  38. Your shapewear shouldn’t be restrictive! Make sure you can breathe and move around easily, even in corsets and other strong-control shapewear styles.

  39. I learned that I am a rectangle and should be layering tops. I’ve been doing it all wrong for many years. I figured more layers added more bulk.

  40. I would love to see some newer posts from you!!! For this one, I am a “pear-shape”, and not easy to fit a lot of clothes!!!

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