INK CARDS – Just in time for Father's Day – Promo Code


Ink Cards lets you mail super personalized greeting cards that make drugstore cards look dreary and dull…

all from your mobile phone or tablet!

And Ink Cards for Father’s Day are now Keepsakes as well.

  • Card to Wallet Pic – These unconventional and fun card designs fit perfectly into dad’s wallet
  • Frame-able Cards – All Ink cards are frame-able, as long as you use a 5″x7″ frame, so it makes for a great keepsake for the fireplace or as wall décor

Everything nowadays is digital – texts, video chats, social media – and has become intangible and impersonal. This Father’s Day forget texts, Make Your Cards Physical


Ink is a totally free to download App that enables people to customize and mail unique cards from your iPhone, Android or tablet without a trip to the cluttered greeting card aisle–or to the Post Office. You can add your own photos, special notes, and other personal touches with just a few clicks, and then a few days later a totally custom card arrives in the recipient’s mailbox!

Papa will be so pleased with his card-to-keepsake gift.

Here is a special Promo Code for my Readers:, which is good for 20 Sincerely Credits( not cards)

Information and Promo Code, provided by DavEllePR

INK CARDS – Just in time for Father's Day – Promo Code

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