Jewelry Armoire's from Wholesale Furniture Brokers

I appreciate and enjoy having fine pieces 
of furniture in my home.
And when those pieces are functional too,
it makes me very very happy.

Now that I’m making jewelry, 

I can really  use a Jewelry Armoire.

I’m quite taken with this one

Its The

Traditional Jewelry Armoire by Coaster Company

And it can be purchased from 

Wholesale Furniture Brokers!

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the color and the traditional
lines…and it’s got plenty of room for all types of jewelry.
I really think that it would go very well, with my
bedroom furniture.
I also think that it would fit
(both size wise and in style)
in almost any other room in the house.
Shoot, I could use one in any room of the house.
Why not think outside of the box…My jewelry
making supplies and tools, would fit nicely
in a jewelry armoire…as would 
small office supplies.
It would also bring some style and sophistication
to my home office.
This isn’t the only jewelry armoire that caught my eye.
Take a look at these…
 With styles and prices to fit just about everyone…
Wholesale Furniture Brokers
can be a one stop – shop at your fingertip
solution to your jewelry armoir needs.
Take a minute to check them out.


I’ve written this post in hopes of winning a 

jewelry armoire from Wholesale Furniture Brokers:-)

Jewelry Armoire's from Wholesale Furniture Brokers

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