I am so often astounded by the incredible talent that musicians are gifted with.

Music has been and is a monumental part of my family’s life.  I play the piano, and, if I say so myself, am pretty darn good choir alto.  All of my children have a very musical ear, and have talent oozing out of them.  2 play the folk harp, several play the piano, 3 play the guitar, 2 play the banjo, 2 play the viola, 1 soprano sax player, and, 2 are cellists.  Hope I didn’t miss anything.  Many of them have performed all over the state of Florida, winning superiors in strings, and vocal…both as soloists, and in orchestra and choir.  I’m not writing this to brag, but to point out my true interest in, and love for music.

Robert Phillips is a fabulous guitarist.  My son is dating his daughter, so how could I NOT share the following:

ROBERT PHILLIPS is a leading authority on the life and music of Miguel Llobet. Robert holds a doctorate in music from the University of Miami. A recipient of a Japan Fulbright, Dr. Phillips is respected internationally as a scholar as well as a performer. He has performed throughout North America and in the Middle East, and has been featured on numerous public and commercial radio and television stations both in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Phillips plans to record a new album of the complete works, of the music of the early 20th century guitarist, Miguel Llobet.  This will take place later this month in the Danforth Chapel at Florida Southern College, in Lakeland, FL (my home town).The Danforth Chapel was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. A Kickstarter is open for pledge donations (of just $1 to $1,000 dollars or more.  Just like with PBS fundraisers (but without the annoying witty banter, and interruptions of your favorite TV show schedules) there are “gifts” for different levels of pledges from $5 and up.

You can go directly to Robert Phillips Kickstarter to learn more about Miguel Llobet, and about the wonderful project that Dr. Phllips has planned.  I do so hope that anyone who can spare a dollar or two will pledge…and if you work for a company that supports the arts and humanities, that you will direct them to the site.

I’ll leave you with a video of Robert Phillips.

Never heard of Kickstarter?  Learn all about it!

Kickstarter – Robert Phillips – Classical Guitar

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0 thoughts on “Kickstarter – Robert Phillips – Classical Guitar

  1. My husband and I both have always found music, especially classical music, to be very important in our lives. I had not heard of Kickstarter before this post. I enjoyed listening to the video

  2. Music and the arts are essential to living, in my opinion. I know of some people who have used Kickstarter with great success!

  3. I was going to say that I am not musically gifted at all,but I guess I would have to TRY playing something to find out I am bad at it.:P I played the clarinet in middle school band,and that was the extent of my musical instrument adventures. lol. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano and violin though!

  4. I do not play the guitar, however, I did buy both of my granddaughters guitars and they tried to learn, but without lessons they failed. Interestingly, they both play the piano by ear without lessons and do well. I dearly love guitar music.

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