Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact! 

A single flower, heartfelt thank you notes,
a plate of cookies…no big deal right?
But to the recipient it can be a really big deal.

I’ve always been a card sender.
I could spend hours upon hours
strolling through the isles of specialty 
and mass market stores, looking for just the
right greeting.  I have several storage
containers and a notebook, that are filled
with cards for just about every occasion you can think of.
I also keep scads of notecards and embellishments, so that
I can be ready to pop one in the mail at any given time.
I also keep plenty of cardstock and blank envelopes
so that I can make my own cards too.

I don’t just send them for holidays, weddings, birthdays,
and anniversaries.  I’ve send notes to people
who have spoken in church, to sales people who have
been extra attentive.  I just sent an email to an
airlines, letting them know just how wonderful
one of their flight attendants was, on a recent flight
that I was on.  I will also call corporate offices,
to tell them about exemplary employees.

Even the cheapest gift can be presented in a way
that makes it seem very very special.
Tissue paper, ribbon, tags and embellishments
all make for a wonderful addition.
I watch for sales after major holidays, and stock
up when prices are low.

I purchase plain gift bags, small baskets, “Chinese Take Out”
containers, and cute little boxes and fancy them up
with me own extras.

An inexpensive book, wrapped in pretty tissue,
tied up with a bow, with a special bookmark attached,
will put a smile on almost anyone’s face.
How about a colander from a dollar store, with a box of pasta,
and a  jar of sauce – tucked into a gift bag.
Add a plastic spaghetti fork, tied on with a piece
of raffia, and voila – a perfect gift for a new cook.
Keep a box of diapers (use those coupons in the Sunday Paper)
around, along with wipes and ointment.
New moms can ALWAYS use more diapers.
Pick up baby outfits and the end of season sales,
and put aside for next years baby showers.

Hand made gift certificates are another way to give
a personalized special gift at little or no cost.
Offer a night of babysitting for new parents,
and half day of cleaning, or errand running,
for someone just out of the hospital,
or perhaps, and dog walking for an elderly
friend or neighbor, when the weather is harsh.

Sometimes a simple phone call can make a person’s day.

Thrift shops, garage/yard sales and clearance isles
can be your ticket to savings and givings.
Remember the old saying
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
Re-gifting is another way to save pennies.

A smile, a nod, or a wave, can go a long way.
Leave a book that you’ve finished reading – on a park bench
or in a restaurant.  Attach a little note that says
I enjoyed this book, please feel free to read and  pass along.

Tell your friends how much they mean to you.
Hug your kids, your spouse, your parents.
Let those aroun
d you, know just how much you care.

Happiness starts with YOU, and  it’s a journey
best take with others…

…and chocolate can’t hurt:-)

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Little ways you share happiness with those around you.

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  1. Are you sure we aren't related??? I love to do things like this also! It sure can make people happy. You're so right. You can find so many great things off season and on clearance. I have a big 90 year old house with plenty of storage and keep a lot of things on hand that I can use for gifts.

  2. LOL – my kids tease me because of my stockpile…but if I have something they can use.
    Well, then it's a different story!

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