Maintaining Your Solar Panels While Harnessing the Sun

The invention of harnessing the sun’s rays is not a modern one but has been around for decades, and was used by man to fulfill various duties. The difference between now and then is the technology that has been created out of this idea.

Using a range of evolving technologies such as solar thermal energy or solar architecture coupled with many forms of appliances to capture the sun’s heat and energy, we have seen magnificent results of less harm ben done to the environment.

This article will take a look at a few not-so-obvious benefits of using this technology, as well as a few tips on how you can maintain the appliances to keep them working at their optimal best. Let’s get to it.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels While Harnessing the Sun

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

It has been said time and time again that the world is becoming overpopulated, and as a result, the activities that humans are doing, largely have a negative impact on the earth. The methods and technologies that are implemented every year, as well as the increase of businesses, factories, and production plants

These aspects are all impacting the atmosphere of the earth causing side-effects such as air and noise pollution, waste and garbage being disposed directly into the seas and hurting marine life, to mention a few.

Not many people know that there are many hidden benefits of swapping out your traditional ways of harnessing electricity towards a solar option. We mention a few of these not so obvious advantages, below.


Zero Long-Term Costs

Solar energy does not need any external factors to work. Its energy production and often maintenance costs are near to nil. The main costs you pay go towards the manufacturing and installation of its components. Despite a sizeable initial investment in the technology for your home or office, there are no extra fees or costs, for using it. Get a glimpse of how the architecture of this technology works from this online source.

This means your investment is recovered quickly. Imagine not having to pay any more electricity bills?

It Is Versatile

The process of installing it is an easy and simple one, and this means it can be placed anywhere, on top of roofs of homes, or commercial buildings, in gardens, on doors and windows, on a balcony in your patio, to name a few places. This is because some of them are made to be paper-thin, while others are created to be sturdy enough to avoid harsh weather conditions, so they can withstand anything for the most part.

The flexibility of these systems can facilitate the use of the panels in a small-scale project or a larger one. It can be expanded whenever the need arises, all it takes is additional panels or sheets.

Environmental Impact

It needs to be said that this is possibly one of the many ways we, as people living on this earth, can do out bit for maintaining the environment and not harming it. The discussion of the environmental impact of our habits is a never-ending one, so we will not go into it.

However, it is important to mention that besides the fact that it does not cause any air pollution because there is no smoke emitting from the burning of oil, fossil fuels or gases expelled into the atmosphere; it does not cause noise pollution either.

These can be installed in both rural and urban areas because they are not noisy, and do not generate any waste either.

These 3 reasons above are only touching on the numerous benefits this eco-friendly option can give you and your family, further advantages can also be found here:

Having any type of technology, especially one as useful as this, needs maintenance and upkeep now and then. We look at a few ways you can do this to make sure you extend its life and continue not having to spend money on any more electricity bills.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels Man Repairing a Solar Panel

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Below are a few things you, like a solar panel or solar energy technology owner, should do to prolong its life.

Keep them out of the shade. This is a good tip to have because, not many people realize, installing these panels in the shade deters energy production, and the inefficiency or absorbing the sunlight will waste the panel and you will not get the full benefit of it plus it may stop working completely.

Look at it this way – the sun is food for the solar panels, you need to place it where the sun hits it the most and for the longest during the day.

Automated cleaners. If you have no time for cleaning the panels yourself or hiring a professional service to do it, you can install automatic cleaners that work similar to the sprinkler system on your car windscreen, however, it is better to schedule an initial appointment with a solar cleaner the first few times so that you can be sure they do a good job.

Make a note of the performance. Making a record of how much energy has been used by the solar panel(s) during a consistent time every day, and the days where there was not much energy production due to cloud cover, is important to make sure it does its job.

Monitoring systems can be found at the manufacturers themselves or even at maintenance and cleaning specialists such as Green Spark Solar, for instance. If you’re not sure how to do this, they can help give you some pointers and some extra advice about the upkeep of your equipment, too.

Solar panel inverters. Solar panels have what are called ‘inverters’, these are indicators of when the panel is working or not. They are supposed to flash green, and if they don’t you may be losing energy, which means having to pay for electricity use instead because the function of the inverter is to convert direct current into alternating power. Keeping an eye on this makes sure the grids are working as they should and no electricity goes to waste.


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