For all of my new readers…
I want to tell you about 
and about the new blog started by the inventor,
Peggy Mills.
I have multiple medical problems, 
including sleep disorders, and fibromyalgia.
I take medication, but it doesn’t help 100%.
I do not take a good nights sleep for granted,
and go out of my way to create the best sleeping environment possible.
We have a good mattress, I try to stick to a regular routine,
and buy the best sheets that I can get.
I’ve spent as much as $300 for a set of sheets, and I have 
to admit, that I have some really good sets…
BUT – I get the BEST SLEEP on my eliteSheet.
(You can read my review HERE.)
In fact, I just complained to Peggy, that I can’t 
stand the thought of sleeping on any of my other sheets.
I even asked her if she could start an affiliate program,
so that I can sign up!
I received my sheet at no cost, for the purpose of a review, and now, 
you can have the chance to win one.
has a new blog – Body Pain Solutions,
and she will be giving away an eliteSheet
(twin or queen size)
to one of her followers.
Head on over and read some of her posts.
Be sure to become a GFC follower – for your chance to win.
Giveaway ends on Jan. 15th
To learn more about eliteSheets

New Blog & Giveaway – Please Go Visit

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