Libby Says

No More Rack = No more high shipping costs!

I LOVE No More Rack.
I order from them on a regular basis.
It takes 2 minutes to sign up – it’s free!
They will send you ONE email each day,
with the specials for that day.
Great savings on everything from shoes, toys, 
jewelry and household items. 
Here is what seals the deal for me:
The shipping/handling is always just $2 per item.
This is so much cheaper than most
 group savings sites…that often start at
$6.95 to $8.95.
This can often double or triple the price of your total:-(

Start saving today.
Please go HERE to sign up.
I would really really appreciate it,
as I will receive credit for each
reader who signs up under me.
Then you can pass the offer onto
your friends, to build up a few dollars
to use to purchase items for yourself!

Remember it is free to sign up,
and just takes a minute or so.

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