I have been provided with 3 months of food from Nutrisystem for the purpose of honest  reviews.  No monetary compensations has been received.  All opinions stated are 100% mine. PLEASE – before beginning any weight loss or exercise program, consult a health care professional.

WOW, I can hardly believe that I have been on the Nutrisystem program for 8 weeks!  I thought that being on a diet would be torture, but actually it’s been quite the opposite.  Yes, at times I would like bigger portions, and at times, I’ve wanted to dive into a bag of chocolate, but all in all, this has been a great experience.

NS Week 8

I still don’t know how much weight I’ve lost.  My poor scale has given up the ghost and needs to be put to rest.  I thought that I had a pretty good system down (okay, who are we kidding here?)  I’ve tried weighing myself about 10 or 12 times in a row, then adding up the all the weights and then dividing that number by the number of times that I stepped on the scale.  Alrighty – my counselor had a good laugh over that one, but hey, don’t I get an A for ingenuity?  I’m consoling myself with the fact that every time I’ve weighed myself over the past week – and I wouldn’t recommend that approach to other dieters! – my weight has been less than on previous weeks. I will tell you that I wore a skirt to church last week, that I haven’t been able to get into for over a year now AND I can easily slip one of my favorite rings, off and on my finger, when it previously, it wouldn’t even think of budging past my knuckle.


Unless we spring for a new scale in the next couple of weeks, I plan to just wait and “weigh in” at my doctors office towards the end of Sept.  Since I had an appointment the week before starting on Nutrisystem, I think that the results will be extremely accurate. I’m hoping that we’ll also see an improvement in my blood pressure. You can be sure that I will report to all of you!

Today I want to highlight a few things about how Nutrisystem food is delivered.


ns 1
How Nutrisystem Food Will Arrive At Your Home #NSNation

If you’ve ordered frozen food, it WILL BE FROZEN when you receive it!  It is packed in a very thick Styrofoam cooler , which has dry ice inside and is shrink wrapped on the outside.  The “walls” of the cooler are probably a good 4 inches thick – maybe more.  The food inside will be rock hard, as if you just pulled it out of the deep freeze!

NS Collage 1
Nutrisytem Frozen Food Delivery #NSNation

Pantry stable food arrives in a big sturdy box with super filled “air bags” inside to keep food from being jostled around and crushed.

NS Collage 2
Nutrisystem Pantry Stable Food Shipment #NSNation

The “trays” inside are extra protection for your food, and make it easy to lift product out of the box.  I love that I can just lift out a tray and carry it into the panty!

You’ll receive a packing slip inside both your frozen food shipment and your pantry stable shipment, along with a handy pocket size “tracker” and other helpful information (like the fantastic eating out guide)!

NS Paperwork
Nutrisystem Paperwork #NSNation

So, are you ready to join Nutrisystem?

Next week I’m going to tell you about eating on the go, with Nutrisystem!

Nutrisystem Week 8 Check In #NSNation

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7 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week 8 Check In #NSNation

  1. You crack me up with that scale stuff… but at least you ‘feel’ like you are losing. Isn’t it the greatest thing in the world to put something on, thinking it won’t fit or will be tight then it glides right on? LOVE IT! Great job… keep it up.

  2. WOW, Libby!! Thank you so much for being the “guinea pig” on this one and sharing your thoughts with us. I’ve always wondered about programs like this and if they work. I’m seriously considering it now…

  3. Thanks for sharing! I always wondered what it was like to have food delivered from a program like that. And congrats on your progress so far!

  4. Thank you for your feedback, I’ve always been curious about nutrisystem, is the food tasty?? I’m definitely curious to see how much weight you’ve lost! After your 3 month trial period I’d completed do you think you’ll continue on nutrisystem ?? Thanks!

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