I’ve been asked so many times over the years, to attend in home parties
for one company or another.  I would attend, whenever possible,
but was never very comfortable.
I always felt obligated to buy something, even when I couldn’t
afford it, or didn’t find anything that I really liked.
when the sales representative corners you and gives you the 
and then before you know it,
you’ve agreed on a date,  for a show you were determined
you weren’t going to book.
Hallelujah for Online Parties!

I love PartyLite!

I’ve been buying and using their products for years, 
and I’ve always been thrilled with my purchases!
They have so many beautiful items
perfect for the holiday.
So, I’m having an ONLINE PARTY
No one is obligated to come, or buy, or book,
but if you would like to look around…
Come in your jammies.
No need for make-up.
Shop at your leisure.
Grab a soda, or a cup of hot cocoa,
and enjoy all that PartyLite has to offer.

Shannon, my PartyLite representative,
has been very kind, and is offering a
$25 gift certificate, to one lucky reader,
who places a purchase from my show.

If you would like to host an online show she can arrange that too.

Please keep in mind, that you will have to have
your orders sent directly to your home.

You may purchase from the 
Online Outlet,

but these do not go toward my show…
but my wonderful Party Lite saleswoman
will still get credit.  Please also keep in mind, that if you purchase from the Great Gifts 
they may be sold out before my party closes.

(Note* If you purchase from the 
Online Outlet,
those orders will not qualify for the 
$25 gift certificate.)

GO HERE to start shopping.
Look for the bar that says:
Shopping for a Party? If you were invited to one of my Parties and wish to order, LOOK UP YOUR HOST

and type in Shannon Aucoin .
Doing so, will allow me to get credit for 
qualifying purchases.
Be Sure to look for this:

Candles, Home Decor, Food…
So what are you waiting for?
Go Start Shopping!
My party will run for one week.

Host a PartyLite Party … and go on a FREE1 shopping spree!

Reward yourself for having a PartyLite Party with family and friends.

Host Credit Chart

Host Rewards

  • $25 Host Credit for every $100 in Party sales2
  • Half-Price items
  • Exclusive special offers
  • $50 retail credit for bookings from your Party (see details below)
Booking Credit: Beginning with second booking
from your Party, receive $50 retail credit for $10
to use at future Parties. Parties must have $250+
in sales and be held within 60 days.
1 Host pays applicable shipping, handling and sales tax
2 Minimum of $150 Party sales with one booking. For Parties without a booking, Host earns $15 Host Credit with every $100 in Party sales, minimum $150 Party sales.

PartyLite – Party Right – I'm your Hostess

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