Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist Before Booking

When scheduling your marriage, you want to make everything perfect, from your dress to the food, the cake and the flowers. Before you get everything together, you want to find the best wedding planner so that everything becomes perfect. You could ask your friends about the best wedding planners if you don’t know where to search. Getting the best flowers for your wedding creates a fantastic aura for the wedding. The right flowers also formulate a romantic ambience for your union. Getting the right flowers takes a lot, but once you get the right ones for your marriage, you will have the most fantastic wedding. Check out Canberra wedding florist to learn more about booking the best Canberra wedding florist.

When rummaging for the perfect florist, search for various firms and find a way that you will be able to cut them down to the one florist that you feel suits your liking. After you have found the right firm, the next thing is to visit them and ask them some questions so that you can know what they are offering.

Some of the questions to ask a wedding florist include ;

  1. Are you free on my wedding day?

You might think that this is an obvious question to ask because when you go to them, they should be available. However, always make sure you ask them the queries so that you don’t get a phone call on your marriage bearing bad news. It would help if you asked the question because florists get booked early. You yearn to ask them if they are fully packed on this day to know if you will get another florist or not.

  1. What is your aesthetic?

Most florists will have what you want because they deal with various people. However, don’t be ignorant. It would help if you asked the florist about their aesthetic so that you can know if they have what you want.

  1. What gems are accessible in the season?

When you don’t know what blooms you want for your union, you can ask the florist about the flowers that are in the season and this way; you will be able to save your budget. When you incorporate this method, you can get unique flowers that suit your taste and buds you didn’t know you would love. This will also be food because each flower relies on a specific type of weather, so you will be able to understand the flowers that suit the temperature.


Many florists are available, so make sure you get the best florist in town to get your dream union. The best thing to do is ask your florist the queries above to get the best of what you want. These questions can save you a lot of trouble, and you will be able to get the most amazing flowers, mainly if you love flowers. You can also decide to match your flowers with your décor to add some more color.

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