I recently received The READING LESSON, by Michael Levin M.D. and Charan Langton M.S. – Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons.   When they contacted my about doing a review, I told them that my grandchildren were no longer living with me, but that I would be happy to take a look-see, and pass on my opinion.  So, here goes!

The Reading Lesson

The set that I received contained the basic Reading Lesson, Big Words for Little Kids, Verbal Math Lesson Level 1 (ages 4-7) and Verbal Math Lesson Level 2(ages 7-8), along with the adorable snuggly Giggle Bunny™.  I found them all to have extremely easy to understand instructions, with simple but engaging illustrations. Included with the Reading Lesson, is a CD-Rom.  Here is the information direct from the company.

Product Description

The Reading Lesson book/CD combination is an amazing hybrid program that combines a traditional physical book and an animated program that enhances learning. The book is a wonderful program that teaches children to read in a step-by-step, easy-to-use method. The book is designed to take a child with no reading skills to a second grade reading level in 20 easy lessons. After finishing the book, your child will be able to pick up a book and start reading independently!

The CD is an animated program that children love. It is an extremely helpful supplement to the book, and kids love it! The CD uses multimedia, movement, and sound to make concepts easier to grasp, and keep children interested in the program.

Although I think that one could be completely successful using the book alone, the CD-Rom is a real bonus.  We have to face the fact that we now live in a technological world, and our children take to computer interaction like a ducks take to water.

I was really attracted to the Big Words for Little Kids (Advanced Vocabulary for Elementary School Children), as it provides fun “Tidbits” throughout, that are just the the type of thing that floats my boat. Don’t let this scare you – Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes along with root meanings are included, which are quite fascinating.  I honestly think that I could have skipped most of my English Classes over the years, and gotten a darn good education from this little 157 page book!

Now – for the Verbal Math Lessons – NO I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER…but I might have been if I had these 2 volumes before now.  I am NOT a mathematician, but I understand a heck of a lot more, now that I’ve read the two books. Honest to Goodness, this set is getting mailed to one of my daughters tomorrow, so I’m going to have to order a set of the Math Lessons, to have on hand for myself!

Don’t take my word for it.  The Reading Lesson book is the number 2 selling reading program on Amazon!


The Reading Lesson has also won the award for Best Reading Program from The Discovery Channel

Discovery Education

You can go to their WEBSITE to learn how the program works, and you can SHOP online for these products along with a MNT.jpgnumber of other books, Cd’s DVD’s e-books and printables that they have available.


The READING LESSON – Levin and Langton / Review

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