Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I scroll through my SPAM.

I thought that I’d share, so welcome to Saturday SPAM

Saturday SPAM

Sandra, Kimberly, Karen, Tracy and  Jennifer  want me to know that I can get $250,000 life insurance policy for just $14 a month.

Rent-a-Yacht wants to help me find the best prices for yacht rentals.

A pastor in Missouri wants me to know how he “kills high blood pressures”.

Several companies want me to be safer by installing a walk-in bathtub.

Everyone and his brother wants me to take advantage of “Obama waiving credit scores requirements for refinancing”.

I can boost my testosterone with Vydox.

I can take a private jet – anyday!

Warning: 450K Coffins Ordered by FEMA – view video!

I can sprout a new lawn in as little as 5 days.

I can take an exotic car for a spin with Exotic Car Rental.

Dr. Oz has a solution for every health issue known to man.

I can choose sobriety, fall asleep faster, beat addiction, combat depression, and lose weight.

I’ve won 4.6 MILLION dollars in the UK-South African Lottery.

My credit score has changed.

Anna has a MOULD inquiry.

I’ve been approved as an Executive for a Who’s Who nomination.

I’ve been sent my Update log in info so that I can see all the gorgeous blonde Russian Brides that are waiting for me.


I can view my criminal record online, take Aquaflexin and never have joint pain again, spray away my fat with Slim Spray (as seen on Shark Tank), surprise my man with high quality steaks, get step by step shed building plans, save money on wireless security cameras and Ashley Madison wants to know if I’d like to sleep with a married woman!




Saturday SPAM

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One thought on “Saturday SPAM

  1. LOL So funny. I too am raking in billions of dollars a day thanks to my benefactors in Nigeria and South Africa.

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