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No matter where you are in the world, you are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful people. We even have lists to tell you who the most beautiful people in the world are – as if a panel of people has assessed over seven billion people on the planet. The point is, we are consistently shown images in the media telling us what beautiful is and what it looks like that we have come to the point that the bodies we currently have aren’t good enough.

Those who need dental implants to replace broken teeth, or require cohesive gel implants in their breasts after cancer or other losses often feel misplaced. They feel like they don’t meet these media standards set out in the world, and they feel inferior. Others who are insecure about their looks choose to add hair extensions and veneers, Botox, and fillers to make themselves look different or “better” in the eyes of beauty standards. Then there are those who add new hair, reduce parts of their bodies, and full-on change the way they look simply because they want to experiment. When it comes down to it, we’re not told that we should love ourselves enough. We should. We should love how we look; veneers and implants and all. We should strive to be as beautiful as we already are right at the moment, and we should defy the “standards” of beauty that the media set out for us.


Because there is so much more to life than what we see in the mirror, and it can be a very lonely time of it to hate what we see continually. Instead, we should embrace the supposed imperfections and learn to love our bodies more. Let’s explore six ways to do just that.

Blue Rose -  Six Ways To Love Your Body More

Six Ways To Love Your Body More

Make a List

You may not be making a list for Father Christmas, but you can still make a valuable list of all the things that you love about yourself. It could be anything from the creamy tones of your skin to the dimples at the base of your spine. You could love your new veneers on your teeth because they’ve given you confidence in your smile. You may love your new breast implants that finally fill the tops you’ve bought and make you feel confident every day. It’s all the stuff you love about you. Identify it!


Do you have a slight overhanging tummy from the babies you’ve carried? Embrace it. Do you have legs up to there that look stunning in heels? Then, baby, it’s time to strut. You need to think about what makes you feel good about your body and celebrate it. That mum-tum is a badge of honor and those legs? Those legs look stunning in a skirt and heels. There are women everywhere who would kill for those legs.

Eat Something Delicious

Food is fuel, but food is also created to be enjoyed. Get yourself a huge bowl of strawberries, or a fruit or vegetable that you REALLY like. Eating nutritious foods makes your body feel fantastic on the inside, which is going to make you look and feel good on the outside. When you choose the foods you love, you can feel fantastic, so why not indulge?

Woman Holding Note that Says You Are Beautiful -  Six Ways To Love Your Body More

Smash The Scales

Beauty standards may tell you that without your weighing scales, you aren’t anything. The truth is that you are so much more than the number shown on the scales. You are beautiful and funny, wonderfully witty and insatiably smart. That number? It’s not going to make you happy. It’s not going to make you laugh, and it’s not going to hold you in the night. Take a hammer and smash them to pieces – you don’t need them to define you.

Pamper Yourself

Get into a hot bubble bath and luxuriate at everything that it means to make your body feel good. Use the expensive body butter and wash your hair with the products you keep for the special occasions. Every day is a special occasion in your life, and you should treat your body as such. Dance to your favorite songs while your hair is drying and feel excellent while you do.

Laugh More

Put on your favorite comedy and make yourself laugh. Make yourself laugh with tears on your cheeks and your body full-on belly laughing and shaking. The euphoria is infectious, and you’ll appreciate how your smile gives you creases around your eyes.

Loving you starts with taking notice of you – it’s time to break free.


Six Ways To Love Your Body More

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