The Cutest Ear Piercings

So maybe you haven’t heard of this year, but people are taking more of an interest where their ear piercings are, and it has been coined as curation. So rather than return to the piercer and take the natural route of a few in each lobe and one at the top, people are looking at things like stacks in the helix, clusters of studs in the lobe and tragus, a gold industrial piercing and more. It is about what looks good and making it more than just a piercing. 

Here are some examples of what types of piercings you might like to check out, and they might even help you decide on your next piercing!


These used to be blasted through with a gun, but you’ll find more reputable piercers will use a needle. It has a decent pinch to it when it gets done, and will often swell up, throb and feel a bit tender while it starts to heal. Try to get the opposite ear pierced to the side you sleep on. Stacked slim hoops are delicate and still noticeable. Making it perfect for people with more edge than a simple lobe piercing without having something more challenging to maintain. 


Instead of having a run of piercings from lobe to helix and beyond, consider layering them up. Have two studs in the lobe, two hoops in the upper lobe, two in the helix and you could play around with another two in the forward helix if you have the room to do so. Mixing and matching jewelry to have some with gems, some plain, and some studs will look really pretty. 


This is one piercing on the ear that you can really get a chunky hoop on. It will sit in the nook between the standard lobe and helix, and looks fantastic. Essentially it is a hoop earring that wraps around the ear. And it looks amazing. If you don’t think you can deal with the pinchy pain, then try an ear cuff for a while. 


This is a really subtle piercing that not many people will notice unless you have something pretty eye-catching in there in terms of jewelry. Check out these cute conch piercings for an idea of what you can do in that area. 


Super cool piercing that goes on the little lip of your ear, closest to your head. You can go for a chunky stud, or a cool hoop, depending on the rest of your ear jewelry. 


This became really popular in the last few years because the piercing goes through a pressure point that is thought to help relieve migraines. You’ll probably see these with really cool heart-shaped hoops.

Ear piercings are an effortless way to change up your look without getting tattoos or dying your hair a bright color. You will have to talk to your piercer about the room that you have available on your ear, not everyone can have a tragus piercing or a forward helix, but you can still curate a really gorgeous set of piercings. 


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