I want so very very much, to be able to attend the Social Fabric Conference, to be held this May, in Bentonville, Arkansas! Unfortunately my budget doesn’t necessarily jive with my wishes (having a large family of 10 grown children, their spouses and all the grandchildren – I think that #18 id due this month, drains on’s bank account), and we just can’t afford  the trip. Thus, I am going to try to wax eloquent, via this post, to try to convince the #SoFab/#CBias powers that be, that I should be chosen to receive a Full Conference Pass, Airfare, and accommodations.

To be on the safe side – I have included subliminal messages throughout;-)

You know that you want to grant me my wish!

I’ve attending a few conferences over that last 4 years, but this is my dream conference.  It’s not far from home, I know that it will be packed with fabulous speakers, tons of information and LOADS OF FUN! I want to meet the many other bloggers that are members along with the wonderful campaign leaders, and SoFab/CBias staff.

Libby needs friends – please send her!

As many of you know – I have lots of medical problems, and I’m agoraphobic.  I find it so hard to make myself get out into the world.  When trips are planned, I start to really panic, when it comes time to pack ~ and then it gets really bad when I arrive at the airport.  There have been times when I have come so close to cancelling,  but I KNOW that attending blogging conferences is good for me.  I’ve always found them to be a safe haven, filled with kind and caring people.

Send Libby, it’s good for her health and well being!

Due to previous brain damage, I have trouble learning new things, and the hands on approach at conferences is so beneficial to me.  If SoFabCon  is only half as good as the information on the SoFab site ~ and instructions that I’ve received from the campaign leaders, I’m sure to come back home with new skills, and the desire to better my blog in many ways.

Learning is fundamental – send Libby so that she can gain more knowledge!

For me – blogging helps me keep in touch with the outside world,  I’ve learned new skills, made some money, but most important of all, I’ve made dear friends – one’s that I’ve met in person, and one’s that I only know via the internet,  These friendships have grown over the years, and have made my life richer in so many many ways.

Give a hoot -don’t pollute, and send Libby to SoFabCon!

Please, choose me to receive the opportunity to attend the SoFabCon.  I can guarantee that I will be most appreciative, and will do my best to use the information that I get, to the maximum of my abilities ~ to become not only a better blogger…but a better person.

Have a heart’ – send a fat old brain damaged lady, and her 
Service Dog to SoFabCon – you’ll be glad that you did!

Going to SoFabCon Would be SoFabTastic!

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