Summer Blog Challenge – Day 6

Nicknames you have & why you have them.

I was named Elizabeth, after a great aunt.

I’ve always been called

My best friend calls we Lib, another calls me Liberty.  My children call me mom, and my grand kids call me Nonnie.  My husband, gotta love him, calls me Big Mama…let’s not even go there.


Married for eons, mom of 10, Nonnie to 26 with a great grand coming soon, to add to the mix. Avid reader and photo taker, scrapbook queen and jewelry maker. Collector of dishes, planners and pens. Lover of animals, chocolate and spends…long hours soaking in the spa tub (with a fully charged tablet, diet soda, and grub). She’s worn lots of hats, tossed most to the wind, and doesn’t mind starting all over again. Every day is a new adventure…come along for the ride!

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