TeachMy… Self!

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Smart packaging and eye-catching colors – the first impressions I got when my TeachMy deluxe kits arrived this week. After giving the kits a once-over and looking through the product list I was pretty excited to bust out the goods and bond with my baby whether he wanted it or not (kidding about the latter)! Unfortunately he was already down for bed so I had to wait several hours before getting to play with him.

TeachMy... Self!

Look at that face, he has no idea what he’s in for!!!
Alright, so once we cracked into the case I found the TeachMy Baby components (each subject sectioned off in plastic velcroed bags).

TeachMy... Self!


The Deluxe Kit Contains:

  • Teach My Baby First Words Learning Set
  • Teach My Baby First Numbers Learning Set
  • Teach My Baby Self Learning Set
  • Teach My Baby Sounds & Touch Learning Set


  • 12 One Piece Puzzles
  • 6 Two Piece Puzzles
  • 6 Touch and Feel Flashcards
  • 6 Mirrored Flashcards
  • 6 Mirrored Nesting Blocks
  • 5 Finger Puppets
  • 4 Board Books
  • 1 Double-Sided Storyboard
  • Teaching Guide
  • Storage case

I found the items inside very engaging and different enough to keep the both of us interested. There were enough props included to continuously change it up once my Little One was over stimulated by one thing or another. I’d have to say that his favorite (so far) from the Teach My Baby Deluxe kit had been the “Teach my baby sounds & touch” set. He found the dog and frog fairly entertaining and I swear I saw a spark of recognition when he saw the dog pictures (I’d hope so, seeing as how he’s been around no less than four dogs at a time since birth).

TeachMy... Self!

TeachMy... Self!I think, for a few of the other items, I had a bit more fun with them than my LO did though to be fair we were well past his attention span limit by the time we made it to the cute little nesting boxes filled with face parts.

Needless to say, we both had a lot of fun discovering our new Teach My Baby learning tools. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to try out the Teach My Toddler and Teach My Pre-Schooler deluxe kits!

Then, after our long hour (I told you, we were well past the extent of his attention span) of teaching and learning new things together- it was time for a bath! Which makes this a perfect segue into the Teach My Baby Bathtime Numbers!!

  • 5 Rubber Duckies
  • 5 Floating Puzzles
  • 1 Bath Book
  • Teaching Guide
  • Storage BagTeachMy... Self!

Right now he’s a bit young to grip things while trying to sit and kick so the little ducklings mostly provided him with some amusement, but I’ll definitely have to do a follow-up once he’s hit the recommended age (12+ Months). Until then he’ll just have to settle for fun bathtime, squeaky toys… that mommy sometimes places on or over the water.

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TeachMy… Self!

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5 thoughts on “TeachMy… Self!

  1. That would make a great gift idea for an expecting mom or as a new baby gift. I always like to give books so this is perfect.

  2. How cool is this set?! I have a 7 month old and I would love to get a set like this to start teaching him too! I am sure right now he may be a bit young for it, but in a few months it will be PERFECT!

  3. I so love this company! I have a set from them for my granddaughter and she loves it. Their selection of products are awesome and very educational for mom and baby!

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