Stairlift - The Best Assistive Technology for Aging at Home

Aging at home is often preferred to care homes, as it allows a unique dimension of independence; however, to maintain that independence there often has to be some modifications to the home environment. Safety is a top priority, but convenience and accessibility are incredibly important also. Luckily there are some great assistive technologies that can make aging at your own home safer and a lot more convenient.

The Best Assistive Technology for Aging at Home

Medical Alerts

Medical alert systems are ones that monitor those who are at risk of emergencies. These pieces of technology reach out to contacts or emergency services if something like a fall happens, or if the alarm button is manually pushed. This can lead to a quick response and massively reduce the negative effects of an isolated incident. Furthermore, they afford you with peace-of-mind that if something does happen, help will never be too far away. You can get these alarms in the form of smartphone apps or even accessories like necklaces or bracelets. Many alarm systems also allow verbal communication so you can clearly explain what has happened to your emergency contacts, and so you have a say in their course of action. These alert systems don’t tend to be too expensive either and can greatly boost independence.

Seating and Lifts

If you want to get out of your favorite armchair a little more comfortably, you’re in luck. Electric or self-powered seats can slowly lift you out of the chair until you can stand. These tend to be covered in memory foam so many people think they’re really comfortable and perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. These seat lifts can help reduce the negative effects that getting up can have on joints and muscles and reduce your muscles from getting unnecessarily tired.

Stairlifts can help you keep your independence as they enable you to use every bit of your home as you want to, without fear of tripping or falling down steps. These are highly custom and built around each individual staircase. Considering stairlifts prices, you might be surprised by the fact that something so tailored and beneficial to independence and health doesn’t cost a grand fortune. They’ve proved to be a favorite assistive technology and modern stairlifts are smooth and quick.

Hoyer lifts are another lifting device that help you to get up from a lying down position like a bathtub or bed. There are different types of hoyer lifts, and though some require caregiver assistance, others can be easy to use by yourself. You can either get a motorized lift or one that you control yourself by pumping handles, so you retain control.

Smart Home Devices

Gadgets like Amazon Echo can be helpful if you want to easily turn lights on and off, set alarms, give yourself reminders for medications, play music, call your friends and even do your shopping. They’re also quite easy to set up and they can give you connections with family and friends that you may have found difficult to achieve before. The only downside is that they need a pretty good internet connection, which isn’t possible everywhere around the country.

The Best Assistive Technology for Aging at Home

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  1. I love all the new tech that helps people stay in their own homes where they are comfortable. I really wish homes and apartments were built with wheelchairs and other devices in mind, wider doorways for bathrooms and such so it wouldn’t be such an expense to get a home ready. Anyway, great article!

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