The Complete Third Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

Fringe Season 3 

In Season 3 of Fringe, Olivia and her alternate version switch places
 – wherein each Olivia becomes trapped in her respective alternate universe.
 If a version of you existed in an alternate universe, 
what kind of different decisions would the alternate you make?

OMGosh – If my alternate had the same scattered brain
that I have…heaven help the other universe!

Can I be totally honest with ya’ll?
My husband loves this genre, so I’ve 
been a good wifey, and learned to watch 
sci-fi, shoot ’em upsblow ’em ups, fast action, thriller
movies and TV shows.
I’m usually LOST, trying to figure them out.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy them,
because, I DO.
I just usually have NO CLUE what’s going on.
I just sit back, relax, and tune in to the characters.

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Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.”
The Complete Third Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

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  1. My husband also loves sf.. and I don't so much 😀 But we watched Fringe.. Stopped for some reason. We should start watching it again!

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