A product recall can strike when you least expect it. Worst of all, you might not even know about it until it is too late. Many companies have a poor track record when it comes to informing consumers about product recalls. For this reason, becoming an educated consumer is a must for everyone.

Keep your family safe by staying informed with Centriq’s “The Deadly Dangers of Defective Products” infographic. Do you know how many household products are recalled each year? Or how many children die, annually, from defective nursery products? Educate yourself on product recalls and stay in the know, right now!

The Dangers of Defective Products Around Home | INFOGRAPHICThis infographic about defective products is republished with the permission of Centriq.
You are welcome to do the same as long as the attribution to Centriq (in the form of a do-follow backlink) stays intact. 

The Deadly Dangers of Defective Products

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