From the Publisher:
The German War Machine is in retreat as the Russians advance. In Warsaw, Resistance fighters rise up against their Nazi occupiers, but the Germans retaliate, ruthlessly leveling the city. American Adam Nowak has been dropped into Poland by British intelligence as an assassin and Resistance fighter. During the Warsaw Rising he meets Natalia, a covert operative who has lost everything—just as he has. Amid the Allied power struggle left by Germany’s defeat, Adam and Natalia join in a desperate hunt for the 1940 Soviet order authorizing the murders of 20,000 Polish army officers and civilians. 
If they can find the Katyn Order before the Russians do, 
they just might change the fate of Poland.

About the Author:
Douglas W. Jacobson is an engineer, business owner and World War Two history enthusiast. Doug has traveled extensively in Europe researching stories of the courage of common people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. His debut novel, Night of Flames: A Novel of World War Two was published in 2007 by McBooks Press, and was released in paperback in 2008. Night of Flames won the “2007 Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Wisconsin Library association. Doug writes a monthly column on Poland’s contribution during WW2, has published articles on Belgium’s WW2 escape organization, the Comet Line and other European resistance organizations. Doug’s second historical novel, The Katyn Order, which will be released in May, 2011, focuses on one of history’s most notorious war crimes, the Katyn massacre.
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My Review:
True to my moniker…
Provider of Short Honest Reviews,
The Katyn Order is one of the BEST books,
that I have read this year.
The detail of the actual “events”, and  the development of the characters,
had me totally enthralled.  Couldn’t put this book down!
(Not only because I wanted to finish it, but because if I let
it our of my site for a moment, my husband would take it!)

I would highly recommend The Katyn Order to ANYONE, who enjoys
historical fiction, events of World War Two, and/or – just a darn
good read!

The Katyn Order gets 2 thumbs up, and hands waving in the air.
Excellent – 5 Stars – 3 Cheers – And a  Bouquet of Sunflowers

Thanks go to Pump Up Your Book Promotions and Douglas W. Jacobson for including me on this tour.


THE KATYN ORDER, by Douglas W. Jacobson – Review

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