Update – As of 9:00 pm Sunday, $150 has been donated.
Annie was picked up on Monday morning.
Because the full amount needed, was not raised this situation is just temporary.
Starhaven’s inspection was completed, and they received top ratings.

 Please, please, please…Funds are still needed and will continue to be needed, since unfortunately…there will be many more “Annies”,  in the future!
Update – Just need $190 more.
Won’t you help?  Your $2 or $3 could save Annie!
Tonight I’m posting  a plea for help. 
I have a dear friend…who is in need of immediate assistance.
Leah is the one who rescued my Gabe, and trained him for me.
(Gabe is my Service Dog) 
 (Here is Tony with Gabe – date is screwed
up on their camera, this was early last Sept.)
She and her husband, Tony, took me into their home while she worked with the two of us. 
 (Leah and her Service Dog, Ace)

These two wonderful people, routinely rescue dogs on “death row”, see that they are vetted,  and then work  with them until forever homes are found!

Leah is a retired RN, and certified horse/dog trainer, and “bully breed” educator. Tony is a Viet Nam Veteran, Recon Marine. She and Tony, volunteer their time and talent, to help bring dogs and families together. They work tirelessly, to help groups pair trained dogs with veterans with PTSD, along with training dogs, themselves, for this purpose.
Starhaven Farm has just recently been approved as an

official Pit Bull rescue sight.

Right now, they have an emergency situation.
They are in desperate need of $300 by Sunday night. They must complete a new kennel by tomorrow evening,  in order to save a dog that is scheduled to be put down on Monday morning. Without the additional kennel, the kill shelter
will not release the dog to them. 
The concrete slab in already down, and Leah and Tony will do all the labor, but they just don’t have the extra cash needed this weekend to purchase the actual “kennel”.
If we all pull together, I know that we can raise the neccessary funds, in the next 24 hours.  I’ve just sent $10, won’t you please donate a few dollars, and then spread the word?
Let’s show the world what I already know about bloggers…that we are THE BEST.  They we care of one another, are kind, thoughtful and helpful. We don’t stand still when there is work to be done!
Go HERE to read about Starhaven Farm.
PayPal Button for donations is in the left sidebar on 
Starhaven’s Website!

Thank you, than you all. Thank you so very very much!
(Said in my best Southern accent!)
URGENT HELP NEEDED! – Save Annie from the kill shelter!

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  1. I know it's not much, but I just donated what I could afford til Payday. I really hope it helps. <3

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