The Many Benefits of Vinyl Flooring for your Kitchen

When planning the perfect kitchen around your family life, choosing the right flooring is essential. The reason for this is that the kitchen is probably the room in the home that undergoes the most stress. From spills and splashes of hot food to muddy boots from winter walks (it’s common for people to enter via the back door as to avoid dirt in the hallway), you need flooring that is durable and doesn’t break the bank.

This is why picking vinyl flooring for your kitchen is often recommended!

Easy maintenance

There are so many things going on in the kitchen that leads to mess! With dishes piling up and pots and pans being used for cooking, you deal with a lot of food that can make its way onto the floor quite easily. Combating this can be made simple with vinyl flooring as it is easy to clean and is more stain-resistant when compared to the likes of real wood.

DurabilityKitchen Bar Stools on Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Flooring for your Kitchen

As the kitchen is probably the busiest room in the home, it can take quite a beating! Whether it be smashed glass or sharp knives slipping off the counter, you need a flooring type that can handle anything. The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it comes with patented Scratch Guard protective technology, making it an ideal solution!

Moisture resistant

A kitchen is also a place where you deal with liquids throughout the day. From the sink to your soups, liquids can easily make their way to the floor. Therefore, it would be best to invest in flooring that won’t warp or stain as a result of soaking up moisture. Vinyl flooring is easy for wiping up spills within seconds. It also makes vinyl flooring a good option for your bathrooms too!

Ideal for renovations

Kitchens are a priority when it comes to home renovations. If you’re looking for a flooring style that is easy to install, vinyl flooring is your answer. All you must do is click everything into place and voila! Perfect flooring in only a few hours!

Plenty of styles… Fewer Costs

The number of vinyl flooring styles is virtually limitless and can give you the style you want at a price you can afford. Looking for a stone tile effect? There’s vinyl flooring for that. Want to add deep oak woods without breaking the bank? There’s vinyl flooring for that too! Whatever you have in mind for your kitchen, vinyl flooring brings you the quality and design you’d expect of real woods or tiles without the hefty price tag!

Where to start?

As with any purchase it helps to do some research. Here are some brands which are worth looking into. Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is crafted in Britain with unrivaled designs and integrity. Amtico boasts diversity throughout ranges such as; Signature Woods, Signature Abstract and Spacial Parquet.  Karndean is newer to the market but does not falter either, with premium designs and function capability, not even underfloor heating can damage Karndean’s durability! So, all you need to do now is decide which style you’d like to opt for.






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  • We built a house a few years back…I never realized how important flooring is! Great advice! I hope everyone thinking about replacing or building reads! 😊❣️


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