I’m still way behind with my updates on  my participation in the…

2012 Back to School Back to Scrapbooking Get Organized Challenge,

staring The ScrapRack. BUT – I’ve made so much progress!!!

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One of the things that Tiffany has stressed in her classes,  is that if our supplies are easy to find and easy to access, we are much more likely to use them.  I’ve taken this to heart, and have rearranged, and made sure to label my goodies so that they are easy to find and easy to reach.

Tiffany suggests that whenever possible we do not stack the containers that we keep our supplies in, and also to not have lids on those containers.  This is again, to make our supplies as accessible as possible.  I’ve had to veer off course a bit, since I have limited space (not because my house is small, but because I have my finger in so many pies), and with  children in the house, I want to keep certain things out of little hands.

Woo-Hoo, My ScrapRack and Photo
Organization Kits are all in one spot.
When I want to work on my scrapbooks
everything is within reach and
easy to find!

I’ve located all my scrapbooking goodies in one area, my paper punch/die cut business items in another area, my tutu and hair accessories across the room from my desk, and my flower and jewelry stuff (see, I told  you)  in yet another area. This may sound crazy, but it works for me.

Punches, Paper, Card Stock
and Ready to Ship Packages
are all in this space.
Note Cards, Stationery & Kids Art Supplies
I have many of my supplies
for making my hair accessories
and also my tutus, in these
boxes and baskets.

 What do ya think?  Pretty sweet – right?

I’ll be getting some “tags” to tie to the baskets on the shelves above, and I still think that I can purge a bit more.

I want to mention one of the products that are sold at The ScrapRack. The Photo and Memory Organizer Kits are really versatile.

Photo Courtesy of The ScrapRack

 I’ve used them for not just photo’s but also I have my rubber stamps in one.  I love that they have “brackets” in two different places, so that you can see what the contents are, whichever way you store them.

These boxes are much large than the average.  I was easily able to fit maps and brochures in them.

 Remember, you can access all the challenge classes for free!

Black Friday is *FREE Shipping Day at The ScrapRack

Are you in Canada? Shop for FREE Shipping on Black Friday in Canada.

So there you have it…I’m working on my next edition, so stay tuned. I’ll be doing a fantastic giveaway!!!!!!

Disclaimer:  I have have received products from The ScrapRack, but I’ve also purchased items.  All opinions expressed in this post, are 100% mine, and may differ from the opinions of others.

The ScrapRack Organizational Challenge – Update # 5

The ScrapRack Organizational Challenge – Update # 5

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5 thoughts on “The ScrapRack Organizational Challenge – Update # 5

  1. I wish I was as organized as you. I would be if I had more room for something like this. I do have some system going for organizing, but not at this level. Thanks for this.

  2. Great post I don’t have lids on my storage containers or labels for that matter and I could definitely benefit from this idea thanks for sharing.

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