TheBlu, a socially connected global interactive app,

is hosting a global online celebration in honor of World Oceans Day on June 8th.

TheBlu is possibly the largest globally shared digital art and entertainment experience ever,

connecting  geographically disparate people in a meaningful way.

Though theBlu only launched last month,

they already have a host of cause partners in place:

Mission Blue, OceanElders, Oceanic Preservation Society, Scripps Institution

of Oceanography and WildAid.

TheBlu has empowered a global community of artists and developers

to create an extraordinarily beautiful and high fidelity series of apps

to help people better understand and protect the world’s oceans.

Celebrities such as Ted Danson, Daryl Hannah, Richard Branson and more are major supporters

of theBlu and are inspired by how this new entertainment tool can help preserve  the worlds ocean.

 TheBlu is an easy-to-download app for Mac and PC, available now at

My Review:

I downloaded TheBlu app, and have been mesmerized by it, for days.

It’s like having a spectacular fish tank, without all the work.

It’s an absolute delight, to walk away from my computer for a bit, and come back to find

a soothing underwater landscape.

I do realize that it’s designed to raise funds, but to purchase “additions” it’s pretty pricey.

If money was no object, I’d be spending left and right, because there are so many beautiful

fish, and other saltwater flora and fauna available to buy.

That aside, TheBlu is a wonderful app, that is desigend to please the eye,

and “save the planet”.

If you love the ocean, download it! Buy Ambassador Species to support

@OceanElders @intheblu #worldoceansday


TheBlu: A socially connected global interactive app. – Review

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