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Three Reasons To Kick Kitchen Renovation To The Curb

When we aren’t happy with our kitchens, most of us reach for renovation.  This is, by far, one of the most common renovations of all. That’s no surprise when we have sources telling us a brand new kitchen could add thousands to our homes. As soon as we experience kitchen issues, we don’t even question whether renovation is the right thing. Do it yourself is not a good idea according to small kitchen renovations sydney.

The trouble is that a renovation job is ALWAYS more hassle and money than we expect. You may find that you practically have to remortgage the house to get by. Not to mention that work like this means eating microwave meals on your lap for goodness knows how long. And, you know what makes it worse? Kitchen renovation often turns out not to be worthwhile.

The reality is that there are better and more accessible options for getting the kitchen you want. To prove that, we’re going to delve into three of the main reasons why kitchen renovation could be a mistake.

It’s not the money making scheme you expect

While renovation does improve price in theory, it’s not a cut and dry issue. It’s impossible to work out how much your kitchen itself alters value. There are too many factors to settle on exactly what makes a difference. Plus, you may find that you need to stay in your property for at least five years before renovation pays. By that point, your house probably would’ve increased in value anyway. To put it bluntly; you’ll spend a fortune which there’s no guarantee of seeing back.

It won’t stay shiny for long

No one can deny the benefits of a shiny new kitchen. What you might not consider is that things won’t stay shiny for long. The kitchen sees heavy use and a lot of messy cooking. Within as little as a month, a new kitchen can start looking a bit rough around the edges. That’s the case no matter how much you clean. And, when it happens, you can’t exactly reach for another renovation. That’s why you’d be far better off opting for cheap and easy options like painting kitchen cabinets from the start. You can save a world of hassle that way. Plus, you’ll be able to reach for this option every time things start to look a little tired again.

It won’t make your life any easier

Lastly, a practical point for you to ponder. Renovation won’t make your life any easier. Nor will it make you the best chef in the world. You’ll soon struggle to fit those pans in your cupboard, the same as you always do. And, you’ll still burn your eggs on that new hob top. Save yourself the hassle, then, and reach instead for kitchen hacks which can actually make much more difference to the time you spend here. Seek cooking tutorials, or develop cupboard organization which clears that clutter. Spend enough time on this, and you’ll get your kitchen the way you want it without all the worry of major work.

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