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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean as You Renovate

Renovating can be a tough task to manage, especially when it comes to the cleanup stage once your project has concluded. It’s common for people to generate a huge amount of trash and debris from renovations. If it involves any kind of demolition, then you’ll probably have a lot more material that needs to be thrown out somehow.

But if you’re able to keep your area clean as you work, then it can make the cleanup process a whole lot easier. So here are our tips on how you can keep your house clean as you renovate it.

Hire a dumpster

If you know you’ll be generating a lot of debris, then a service like Red Dog Dumpsters can be exceptionally helpful. Having a dumpster means you have a huge amount of space to dispose of materials. It’s also a convenient location, meaning you won’t need to travel far to dump all of the rubbish you have.

Dumpster hire isn’t free though, so it’s worth calculating the costs and trying to get your renovations done quickly so you don’t pay too much in fees.

Use coverings

Coverings are a good way to contain messes when you’re renovating. A large tarp sheet can be a great cover to use if you’re tearing down wallpaper or breaking up furniture. Once you’re finished with your renovation, you can simply scoop everything onto the covering and move it outside, ready to be emptied into a dumpster.

People often use coverings for painting as well. It means you’re protecting surfaces from paint so that they can’t get dirty. In the event you spill something, like a can of paint, the covering will protect your floors as well.

This is a great option for people who are performing minor renovations because it can protect existing furniture and floors.

Clean frequently

Frequent cleaning will ensure that your rooms are kept as clear as possible. For example, if you’re tearing down old wallpaper or disposing of outdated furniture, throw this out as soon as you can so that it doesn’t clog up space in your home.

Cleaning frequently also helps to keep your workspace clear. This is important if you have a lot of materials like paint around. The last thing you want is to mix up your materials with random debris, as it could ruin things like paint.

It might help to have large bags or bins around as well. Once these get full, you can dump them outside (preferably into a dumpster) and then continue to re-use the bins or bags as you make more trash.

Contain hazardous materials

If your home renovation project involves some kind of hazardous material, then it’s important to contain them so that they don’t get released into the air around you.

This is typically reserved for things like lead paint and asbestos. If you do detect any of these dangerous materials, then we highly recommend that you call an expert to help you remove them safely.

14 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Your House Clean as You Renovate

  • These are all really good ideas. It’s important to keep things clean.

  • Hiring a dumpster is so needed when doing house renovations. This has good info for me.

  • I struggle with keeping the house clean, and it is nice to have some tips for getting through renovations. House projects are so stressful!

  • Love all your tips! Soon we’ll be painting other rooms, I will use your tips for sure!

  • We are planning a mini-renovation and these tips are going to be a great way to keep things organised and clean as we go along. Really appreciate these ideas. Thank you.

  • These are great tips for sure and we will be doing projects in our room this spring. My husband does this kind of stuff for a living so I am confident he will keep the space tidy throughout. Thank you for the tips and pinning this one!

  • It is definitely hard to keep a house clean if a renovation is going on. The dust alone that kicks up is challenging.

  • These are some great tips and man is it hard trying to keep your home clean when you’re renovating. I have had to leave due to so much dust, my husband on the other hand really does a good job trying to keep everything in place.

  • We made the silly mistake of trying to clean everything after the fact. Cleaning in between was such a lifesaver!

  • These are fantastic renovation tips! We tore up our carpet a few years back and these would have been very helpful for us 🙂 Bookmarking for future projects!

  • Renovating has always seemed like a daunting task, primarily because of the cleanup involved. I really appreciate the suggestion to use tarps and coverings; it’s such a simple yet effective way to minimize mess.

  • I remember that it was very hard keeping the house clean as I put in new flooring in my house. It was worth it though but the amount of dust was unreal.

  • Definitely could have used these tips during a recent remodel; we initially forgot coverings

  • Cleaning frequently is a must! It will definitely help keep all the dust at bay.


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