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Top Renovation Trends in 2023

Although renovations can seem like a large project that will cost you lots of time, money, and effort, there are many benefits to doing them. Not only is renovating your home an investment, but you will also increase the quality of your life and even your health.

Here are some of the top renovation trends of 2023 that you could consider if you are planning on renovating any areas of your home this year. 

Creating a home office

Since 2020, and continuing into 2023, a lot of people have either been given the option of working from home or have started their own businesses which they will run from home. However, as most people’s homes are not equipped with an office it can be frustrating or difficult to switch from your home and personal life into work mode. This is why there is now a trend to convert any spare rooms into mini offices. Not only will you have a designated space to store any work equipment in, but it will also help you split your work and home life apart, allowing for a much better mental health state

Exterior and curb appeal

Due to the housing market being so unpredictable, a lot of people are choosing to renovate the outside of their properties to either increase the curb appeal and make a sale easier or to better protect and lengthen the lifespan of their homes. This will include roofing, rendering, windows, and door upgrades and replacements. A lot of interior renovations can have an element of DIY to them, but when it comes to altering any exterior elements it is advisable that you hire a professional company such as Wilson Windows Doors to replace or upgrade any external parts of your property. The reason for this is to ensure the correct weather protection and security of your home. 

Energy efficiency

With the price of energy continuing to be an issue for many people, a lot of renovations will be geared towards making homes more energy efficient or including ways in which to create and store their own power. It might be that some people are removing and upgrading old power-hungry appliances, for more modern and energy-efficient versions. Others could be looking to insulate their property better so that in the winter months the heat in the home is stored for longer, and in the summer it helps keep the temperature down indoors. Finally, solar power is the most common form of generating and storing your own energy. Thanks to the advancements in technology and production, these solar panels are now much cheaper, and more available than ever. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms

When people think about renovating a part of their home, often a go-to option will either be the kitchen or bathroom, and this trend is continuing into 2023. The reason for this is not only are these rooms two of the most used areas in a home but renovating them will generally increase the value of your property and as such can be seen as an investment.  

Loft and basement conversions

If you have a loft or basement and haven’t converted it yet, then the chances are you just use it for storage. But in reality, how often have you used anything that you are storing in these places? A lot of people are realizing that they don’t need all the stuff that they have been storing for years, and instead would much prefer an extra space in their home. These areas can be made into spare rooms, hobby rooms, or a nice cozy little area to hide away in when you want to relax. 

House extensions

If you are considering moving or feeling like you have outgrown your home and need a little extra space, then a quick solution to this could be a house extension. It is much cheaper and quicker than moving home and that is why many people are opting for this solution. There will of course be limitations, and you will have to ensure you apply for the proper planning permission before carrying out any work.  

Garden and outdoor spaces

Over the more recent years, people have become a lot more thankful and appreciative of the outdoors, and their gardens. Because of this, there has been an increase in garden renovations so that people might spend more time outside, while still in the comfort of their own homes. 

If you are considering renovating your home, why not choose one of these trending ideas for 2023? 


12 thoughts on “Top Renovation Trends in 2023

  • I do want a new kitchen! We’re checking to see if we can afford it but our current kitchen is blah!

  • Good to know all these. I try to keep up with the trends when it comes to just about anything.

  • I’ll have to keep in mind these trends as i continue to work on my home projects. I have to replace some underpinning on my house due to storm damage.

  • We want to connect our house to the garage, creating a mudroom, but it’s so expensive it’s more of a dream right now. I’d also like to add a half-bath to the master bedroom.

  • We have literally just installed solar. There is something really satisfying about generating our own electricity. Great enhancement to the house!

  • These are great trends and things I feel like we are always working on. Curb appeal and a more inviting backyard space are on my lists for this summer. Always helps to keep up your home value.

  • Almost everyone needs a home office and hear days and the right style helps with motivation and productivity. So, this info is very good to know!

  • The best renos are kitchens and baths but I totally need some TLC in some other areas!

  • It’s true about becoming more appreciative of outside space. I find that to be true in our family. We love to be outside to gather and want the space to be pretty

  • I’m really excited about the idea of having a brand new outdoor kitchen! We’re currently looking into the budget to see if it’s feasible, but I have to say, our current setup is a bit lackluster. A fresh, new outdoor kitchen would really add some pizzazz to our outdoor living space and make cooking and entertaining so much more enjoyable!

  • These are all really amazing trends that I should keep this in mind thanks for sharing this with us


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