I just haven’t been feeling well enough to bake anything for the holidays,
but my husband was taking his admins out to lunch today, 
and I knew that he wanted to give them a little goody.
I remembered that Tropical Traditions had sent me
a bag of organic coconut flour to try
(and I feel so badly, that I haven’t posted about it until now),
so I decided to use it to make some banana bread.

First a little bit about Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour...

Organic coconut flour is fiber from the coconut meat 
after most of the oil has been extracted.
It’s gluten-free, high in fiber and high in protein.

I love coconut…the aroma, flavor and texture,
but now everyone does.
Substituting part of the regular flour with the coconut flour
seemed to be the perfect fit.
It’s not so strong to overpower the batter, but adds just
a subtle yummy taste, that I think even a non coconut lover, would like.
It turned out great!
(I’m just kicking myself in the butt, for not using some of my
Tropical Traditions Gold Label TM Virgin Coconut Oil

 in place of canola oil…but I’m going
to be sure to use it along with more organic coconut flour, when I
make coconut pancakes, this weekend:-)
Moist rich dense banana bread, with just a hint of coconut.

If you want to learn more about Tropical Traditions,
and find some great recipes, go HERE.

Thank you Tropical Traditions!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour Review

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