UK Spouse Visa 2022 Guide

The UK Partner Visa allows British couples to join their spouses in the United Kingdom. When a person qualifies for rightful residency, they will travel with their spouse and live permanently in the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for more visa options, you can start with a fiancé visa.

Suppose the candidate and sponsor are not married but communicate as partners. In that case, they may apply for a single partner visa to prove they were in a marital or community relationship at least two years before the application date. I was living together.

General requirements

You must meet the following requirements to submit a valid partner visa application.

  • Proof of adequate accommodation.
  • The donor must meet financial requirements of £18,600.
  • Evidence of actual and ongoing communication.
  • Passing the test of English language at CEFR A1 level.

Because prices are constantly changing, you must complete them when you submit your application, which our competent attorneys will do.

Letter in support of your spouse’s visa

The application will be strengthened by including letters of support from the applicant and colleagues.

In these support letters, you and your partner can write about:

  • How financial needs are met
  • How to meet the housing requirement
  • How do we satisfy a relationship need
  • Applicant Development and UK Partner Relations

The UK partner has promised to provide the applicant with cash and accommodation to meet immigration regulations.

Spouse Visa UK Relationship Requirements for 2022

  • When applying, you and your partner must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You and your Life partner should desire to live together permanently in the UK.
  • The applicant and our UK partner must meet in person.

The spouse from the UK has to be either:

  • A British citizen in the UK; or
  • A ‘Current resident’ in the UK; or
  • A person who is a family member of a person who has been granted pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and who will rely on that person as their sponsor; or
  • In the UK, on refugee leave, or for personal protection.

Spouse Visa Requirements

The requirements for a spouse visa are among the most difficult to meet in the United Kingdom. You will need to submit complete documents to prove that your relationship is genuine. Your UK sponsor must earn more than £18,600 per year. You will also need to make adequate accommodation arrangements. Your circumstances will determine the specific visa requirement. If you want to move to the UK to live with your partner, you must apply for a spouse visa.

You can also apply as a daughter or a British citizen born of marriage as a partner or permanent resident. If you are married to a British citizen and want to apply for a spouse visa, your spouse must be either a naturalized citizen or a citizen by birth.

If you meet the requirements for a spouse visa in the UK, the marriage visa will be issued within six months of your expected marriage. Visa for a partner or spouse is valid for 30 months.

After 30 months, you will be eligible to apply for an extension of 30 months. After the five-year period ends, you will be able to apply for permanent leave (ILR) and become a UK citizen over time.

Life Partner Visa Accommodation Requirement

You and your life partner must have adequate family housing in the UK. It can be rented accommodation or temporary accommodation.

Case for sale or ownership.

Generally, a couple only needs one room in an apartment. However, if it is not enough space for the couple and their things, they might need to get a more prominent place. However, every child you have over one year needs an extra bedroom in your home.

If you need assistance with your spouse’s visa, we have offices in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, as well as many other locations throughout the United Kingdom.

UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

Financial Visa You and your spouse must earn a combined annual income of £18,600 to meet financial requirements and live in the UK. This increases to £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for any subsequent child.

It can come from any of the following sources or a combination of them:

  • Employment Salary (Including Self Employed)
  • Money from stocks and shares
  • Pension
  • Sales revenue (if any)
  • Save (up to £16,000)

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  • If you are applying to settle in the UK as the spouse, partner, or family member of someone who has British citizenship or has settled in the UK, you should receive a decision within 24 weeks of attending your appointment at the visa application center. If you apply for a biometric residence permit (BRP) to replace conditions (or a wet ink stamp) in your passport or UK travel document, you should usually get a decision: within 8 weeks of applying online if it’s a visa. If it is for settlement (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain,’ it must be granted within 6 months of applying online.


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