Perhaps it’s our love of period dramas like Downton Abbey? Perhaps it’s a need to contrast all the digital tech in our home? For whatever reason, homeowners have begun falling in love with Victorian décor again. Such design features can be incorporated into any home for a touch of opulence. Here are just a few trends that could be worth trying out if you’re a fan of this period’s design.

Victorian Décor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Elaborate lighting

Grandiose light fittings were favoured by the Victorians and have been recently seeing a revival. One of their advantages is that they can often provide a lot of light to a room. This makes them perfect for the kitchen – a room that can often have gloomy recesses and few windows to let in natural light. Most Victorian homes had high ceilings, whilst many modern homes are lower, so it’s best placing these lighting over a kitchen island or breakfast bar where people are less likely to bump their head on these fittings. Look for ceiling pendant lights on chains with an art nouveua feel.

Carved wood furniture

The Victorians loved their carved wood furniture. Such furniture can be great in modern homes for adding an earthiness to contrast digital tech. For example, a carved wooden TV stand could be ideal for adding balance to a flatscreen TV. The best places to incorporate carved wood is through dining room furniture. Every dinner can then feel like a Victorian feast. Antiques from era are likely to be expensive – it could be more affordable to opt for a modern piece of furniture that’s based off Victorian décor.

Victorian Décor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

The freestanding bathtub

Many homeowners are now installing freestanding baths into their properties. There are many retro-styled modern examples on the market complete with chrome brass taps. Freestanding tubs can help to add breathing space, adding to the relaxation of having a bath. They shouldn’t be used in conjunction with a shower though, unless you’re willing to fit a curtain going all the way around the bath, which may take away from the bath’s appearance.

Silk fabrics

Silk was the luxury material of the 19th Century. Today it’s still as luxurious often carrying a premium price tag. However, the cost is worth it. It’s an ideal material for bed linen, curtains and even upholstery – particularly in the summer when it’s able to stay cold. You may want to steer clear of Victorian floral patterns as these haven’t made a comeback, however you could consider using a few popular lavish colours from the era such as crimson, bottle green, French grey and magenta.

Victorian Décor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Art nouveau mirrors

The art nouvuea movement came in towards the end of the Victorian era and was stylised by curved lines that reflected plants and flowers. Art nouveau mirrors are a great statement piece that could be great for giving a hallway a Victorian feel. To this day they still have a funky feel that makes them fit in with many modern design trends. It’s possible to also incorporate this décor style through bannisters and chairs and light fittings.

The kitchen island

An island can be a great feature to add when expanding a kitchen. Many Victorian kitchens were spacious to accommodate a household of kitchen staff and so has islands to maximise countertop space. Nowadays, many people simply want the extra countertop space to accommodate growing amounts of tech such as kettles, microwaves, toasters and slow-cookers. They can also double up as a space to eat breakfast.

The fireplace

Fireplaces disappeared for practical reasons. Central heating was more efficient and cleaner than owning a fireplace. However, there’s still clearly a romantic cosiness associated within sitting around a fire in the evenings. Getting a real fireplace fitted is likely to be a big and expensive job. A cheaper option could be to install a wood stove burner. Alternatively, whilst not a real fire, you could install an electric fireplace adding the visual aspect of a fire. Many of these can be built over a radiator or can provide electric heating.

Victorian Décor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

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