What To Look For When Choosing Insurance For Homes

There is no better feeling than that of knowing you are taking care of your home and your family the best way you know how, by having an insurance policy in place for unforeseen circumstances.

There are folk who don’t believe in putting money into an account for ‘just in case’ but as times change and values increase an insurance property turns from being a luxury to a necessity, and even more so if you are looking to take a loan to get a mortgage or buy a property of your own.

Sometimes we think we have everything under control, that life is going great, and that nothing can stand in the way of having a good time, and suddenly Mother Nature steps in and throws you a curveball.

It may be that you were unfortunately burgled, or that a car veered off track and crashed into your porch, either way having a safety net in position will save you a massive headache, anxiety, and financial stress. You need to be ready for anything, and while you may believe that ‘nothing will happen’ this is just the time to renew and recheck your policy particulars.

What is home insurance?

For those people who have rented their homes or apartments for the majority of their lives, insurance is not something we tend to think about, not in the way of protecting another person’s property entails at least. But for the demographic on the receiving end of the monthly rent insurance is a necessity, especially when the tenant turnover in rentals is so high.

In basic terms (a more detailed explanation can be read here https://www.investopedia.com/insurance/homeowners-insurance-guide/ as you sip your cup of well-deserved tea and put your feet up for a minute) is a protection of your asset, in this case, your home or a house.  It can cover a multitude of areas, let’s take a brief look at the most common factors.

  • Damage. This was the most commonly mentioned aspect as crime rises with poverty, vandalism, or simply hate crimes, these all play a role and can severely affect your lifestyle. It can be either internal or external damage to the property and caused by someone, an animal, or nature itself.
  • Loss. Burglary has been an issue for centuries dating back to early Greek and Roman times as peasants or lower classed people struggled to make ends meet or put the 2 strings together. Although the standard of living has changed some, we can never be too cautious or nonchalant.
  • Personal liability. This financial safety feature is a must, and even more so with kids in the house. Protecting your loved ones in the event an injury occurs in the home is essential, and as the old saying goes, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry.’

Two people with papers on desk signing with pen Insurance For Homes

Choosing the right insurance company.

How would you know what questions to ask, where to begin, or what to look for if you are new to the world of home insurance? The process can be overwhelming for beginners so careful research and homework into the topic is a must, it helps too if you have a friend or family who can help or recommend a great company.

There are a few fundamental aspects to consider to get the ball rolling when shopping around for insurance, and with a starting guide, you will soon be on your way to protecting your home and your offspring.

Try to look for a business that is in the area or surrounding neighborhood, they will most likely have a local clientele base and there is always someone who knows someone else who is with the same firm. This way you can chat with the community members and find out the type of service you are likely to receive and if customer care is a priority.

When heading to the appointment at the offices have a notebook with points, questions, and queries you want answering, have all your bases covered. The agent should happily answer all of them and make you feel comfortable, if they tend to change the subject or veer off-topic it should raise a red flag and you are better off looking elsewhere.

Then, the dreaded question we all want the number to but don’t want to ask, what it is all going to cost us and what is covered in that price. Note down all the quotes you receive, weighing them against each other by services offered or aspects insured, and conclude from there.

Don’t simply go with the first name in the search result, if you want to get a cheap quotation for your property policy you need to take your time and choose the one best suited to your family lifestyle and dynamic.

Some quote prices based on property value, others on dependents living in the home, so by collecting all the options and sitting down with your other half you can see what is suitable and what is comfortable for your budget.

Are You Covered


A final word.

If you are considering whether or not to ‘invest’ in a home insurance plan but are still hesitant then don’t wait too long, there are plenty of positives as to why being protected is worth it. If something were to happen to the property and the renovation to make it safe and habitable again is going to take a few weeks you may end up needing to stay in a hotel or rent a vehicle.

For the most part, these needs are covered by the insurance policy and it makes it one less thing to worry about as the amount of ‘to-do’s pile up on your already overflowing plate.

And lastly, they say you can’t put a price on a memory, but if it means that special antique vase you were given from a tribe chief while traveling abroad gets stolen or broken, then a lump sum to lessen the wound is not such a bad thing, am I right? It may just be enough to rebook flights for the next trip out there.



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