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Using the Right Packaging Materials to Make Moving House Stress Free

Keeping organized is absolutely crucial for making a house move as stress-free as possible. And there’s one thing that many people overlook here—using the right packaging material and boxes. You’d be surprised how many people use any old box and it can actually make moving homes more stressful, take more time, and less efficient.

So if you want to have the best big move possible, you’ll need the right packaging. In this article, we’re going to give you a few key tips to help make things as easy as possible. So what do you need when it comes to the right boxes and packaging?

Using the Right Packaging Materials to Make Moving House Stress Free

The best types of boxes for packing

The best type of box is a sturdy one. Specialist removal boxes are even better. If you’re just using a box you found in the supermarket that wasn’t in the best condition, breakages could occur. You don’t ever want to be concerned that your box might open up or fall apart during a move.

Make sure your boxes are sturdy and capable of holding heavy items, as well as staying intact during long transit periods.

While some supermarket boxes can be ok, you’ll need to test them fully and make sure they’re the absolute best. While free boxes from the supermarket might seem like an affordable solution—they aren’t if you end up breaking some of your belongings. Paying for professional removal-quality boxes could be necessary, unless you’ve managed to source the absolute best in supermarket boxes.

Ask your removal firm what they think of your boxes, they’ll be able to give you a good idea of whether they’re fit for purpose or not.

Another tip for supermarket boxes – smell them. Some might have a stench that could make your items smell when left inside for long periods.

Removal box sizes

You’re probably going to need a variety of box sizes rather than going for a one-size-fits-all approach. The good news is that you can normally find packs of multiple box sizes for removals. Ask your removal firm if they can provide boxes, some might even do it for free.

You’ll want a mix of small, medium and large boxes. Medium boxes will typically be around 50cm across and can be used for china and glassware effectively.

You should also consider lay flat boxes for certain items such as curtains, as well as picture cartons and other specialty boxes. You really can get boxes for almost anything these days, and while just having standard boxes can sometimes work, it might not be the most efficient and most sturdy way to transport things.

Additional packaging

As well as a range of box sizes, you should also consider making sure you’ve got enough additional packaging and supplementary items.

Labelling can be really important here. Making sure you know what’s in every box makes unpacking much easier and quicker. You will also want some bubble wrap, duct tape and adequate pens to write on things with.

One important part of a successful move is how easy it is to find stuff afterwards, so you can unpack essentials first—so pens and labels are more important than you think and shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought.

How to pack effectively

If you want to make sure everything is packed to the best possible standard, you might want to employ the services of your removal company to pack items for you. While this could incur an additional charge, they’ll know exactly what they’re doing and will be able to pack your items professionally so they’re as well protected as possible. It could be worth it in the end, and will also make the move much less stressful for you.


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  • Great advice. It is really important to have the right supplies.


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