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Offices and businesses spaces need to keep their premises neat and tidy for a host of reasons. Asides from the fact that they have to receive visitors and clients, it is also good for the health and well-being of the staff who work there. Cleaning an office is not a job that should be left to members of staff as they need to focus on other more important tasks required to achieve maximum productivity. Since this is the case, there are commercial cleaning services that help businesses focus on their core objective by handling the cleaning of their premises for them.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

This is the cleaning of commercial properties and buildings such as corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, warehouses, clubs, movie theatres, and so on by companies that are contracted to do so. Commercial cleaning companies hire and train cleaners and use various equipment, methods, as well as chemicals to help keep commercial premises neat, tidy and habitable. Their scope of work can vary depending on the premises they need to work on.

Commercial cleaning services carry out various janitorial activities from simply dusting desks and emptying bins to cleaning floors, carpets, windows as well as sanitary and convenience facilities such as restrooms and washrooms. Asides the interior of a building, they may work on the exterior environment which may include picking of litter and generally making sure the surrounding is neat. Trimming of flowers and edges, removing graffiti, and so on may also be incorporated but this will be based on the contract signed with the company.

These companies may also be required, depending on the contract, to provide consumables like toilet rolls, hand wash, paper towels, disinfectants, detergents, and other materials. The whole idea is to make whatever environment they are contracted to work on clean and presentable. You can see what their job description may entail here. Commercial cleaning is a subset of what is generally referred to as facility management.

Benefits of Keeping Your Commercial Building Clean

There are lots of advantages to keeping your business premises clean. These reasons may include but are not limited to the following:

Creating a Conducive and Healthy Working Environment

Having your office or work area tidy and organized helps ward off sicknesses that may be caused by allergens, pests, dust, and so on. It provides a conducive atmosphere for staff to be able to work conveniently and be more productive. When your staff is well and healthy, they can get more done.

It Helps To Make a Great First Impression

When your clients come around, a clean and serene environment says a lot about you and your business. This helps build their trust and confidence in what you do. The human mind and spirit naturally gravitate towards orderliness. In fact, when they need to make crucial decisions, such an environment helps the way your client perceives you.

Why You Should Use a Commercial Cleaner

Cleaning is a full-time job in itself and to achieve the best results, it is necessary that you employ commercial cleaners to handle it. You might think why not get some staff to do the job. The disadvantage to this is you will need a considerable number of staff doing this especially if you have a large office and even at this, you are not likely to get the best results for various reasons. Employing professionals offer you benefits some of which we will list below. You can however check out more benefits here:

Below are a few benefits of using commercial cleaners.

You Save Time

Your staff are employed to do specific jobs and cleaning the office is most likely not part of these job descriptions. Even if they are willing and able to do so, what happens to their core jobs and objective? What happens when they are busy and do not have the time to clean? Getting professional cleaners will save you time in many ways. The time your staff will use for this can be channeled to doing their core jobs. Whether your staff are busy or not, your office remains clean because there are professionals who are dedicated to doing this as it is their primary objective.

Better Equipment

The best an office will have are basic cleaning tools such as sweeping brushes, mops, and a few dusters. Professional cleaning services on the other hand have industrial cleaning equipment that aid their job efficiency and helps them achieve great results. You as a business cannot afford to invest in this kind of equipment and even if you can, it is counterproductive as you will not use it often or as efficiently as it should be used. This in essence is a waste of resources.


Part of what professional companies have is insurance. This can cover for both human injury and damage to your property. As a business you will not have such an insurance cover so when your staff is injured or there is damage to the building or property, you have to be responsible for it.

You Do Not Get Involved in Mundane Matters

When you contract professionals to handle your cleaning, there is an agreement between them and your company. You pay them a certain amount for a period and you do not need to bother how they go about doing their work as long as they achieve the needed results. Depending on the agreement, you may not have to bother about spending money on cleaning supplies, doing inventory to be sure they are still available and other related stuff. You simply transfer all that to the commercial cleaning company and focus on your core business objective.


No matter what time or day in the year, as long as they are on a contract, professional cleaners are obligated to clean your premises. Staff might not be available, they may fall sick, or may be too busy to clean. Not professional cleaners because they will always be available to do it.

Greensboro, North Carolina is a city that has several notable attractions as well as host many great businesses. Finding a company to handle commercial cleaning in Greensboro is quite easy because there are a number of top quality companies you can rely on right in the city. They will help take care of your business premises for that impressive and organized look that will not only appeal to clients but will also help motivate your staff.


Ensuring that your business environment is clean and organized comes with great advantages to you, your business, and your staff.

It is always better to handover the cleaning of your commercial premises to professional cleaners. They will take the burden of cleaning off you and all you need to do is come into the office and focus on your core business.

Why Your Greensboro Business Should Use Commercial Cleaning Services

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