Avoid Potential Falls & Trips at Your Office with These 6 Ingenious Tips

An office can be a tricky place to be in. No, we aren’t talking about the annoying co-workers that you keep trying to avoid. They can be quite a project in their entirety; however, there are things far worse your office has in store for you!

With all the tables and chairs, flight of stairs, and polished tile floors, office become one of the most accident-prone areas. Did you know, according to a study, office-related injuries cost $60 billion to the Australian economy every year? Open wounds as a result of sharp objects like stapler pins, paper cutters, etc., comprise 7.7% of the workplace injuries. Dislocation of bones and joints caused by falling or tripping comprises 1.5% of the workplace-related injuries.

Adding rubber covering to railings, covering the cables and chords in the office, and insulating live wires are few of the basic ways to make an office a safe place for your employees. You could also purchase and add signboards to the wet area or areas under repair to avoid any accidents. An employer should also ensure that the potholes and cracks around the office compound are covered and repaired.

Here are 6 ways to make the workplace a safer environment to be in:

1.Efficient Housekeeping Staff:

For the workplace, the housekeeping staff is a silent soldier. They keep the office tidy and clean. However, an office needs efficient housekeeping staff. Housekeeping should clean the office well before the employees start coming in. This will ensure that there are no wet-floors, the surfaces are sanitized, and the washrooms are hygienic. Housekeeping should be alert and clean any spills immediately.

2.Wearing Ridged Shoes:

Employees should be advised to wear ridged shoes that increase friction in order to prevent any falls. Office floors are polished and waxed, which decreases the friction, which makes falling easier. Therefore, wearing rubber-soled shoes or ridged shoes helps you balance.

3.Keeping Surfaces Dry:

One of the most accident-prone areas is a slippery surface. Floors and tiles that are left wet enable slipping and falling. Slippery surfaces should be avoided in the office area, washrooms, café, pantry, and office sidewalks. Parking areas of the office should also be kept dry to prevent any skidding in employees’ cars.

4.Clearing out Walkways:

No office should have obstacles in the walking area. Protruding chairs or tables are one of the most common factors which cause tripping and falling. Loose cords and cables can also become a hazard and cause falling. Additionally, boxes and briefcases are a huge contributing factor to workplace accidents as they create hurdles. Visit the website to make your office completely trip and fall-proof.

5.Well-lit Areas:

Offices should be well-lit and illuminated. Not only does light enhance the mood of the employees, but it also improves visibility. Another way to make sure that the office is well-lit is by making the switches easily accessible. Live wires in the office should always be foreseen and insulated.

6.Place Rugs:

Rugs and mats reduce the chances of slipping or falling. They increase friction, and therefore, reduce the slipping or tripping incidents. However, while placing these rugs, carpets, etc. make sure that they are placed flat on the floor without any joints or folds. Employees can get entangled and trip over them. Another important area that needs mats is washrooms. Washrooms should have ridged mats with holes, so as to enable the water to flow away.

Workplace mishaps cause huge amounts in terms of insurance costs. Employers should make sure that an office is a safe place for all employees. Adding certain safety measures to the daily routine can ensure more safety and lesser careless unfortunate mishaps.







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