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Living in college, dorms are an integral and unforgettable part of a student’s life. College dorms are known for their simplicity, comfort, and convenience. However, there’s a huge world waiting for you right outside your dorm, known as off-campus.

As a student, off-campus housing can gradually change your way of living. Even though it can be a difficult decision for you to move out of your campus, there are several advantages that’ll help you make your mind.

From gaining life experience to becoming your own boss, there are a plethora of advantages offered by off-campus housing. In this article, you’ll know about 6 major benefits of off-campus living that’ll push you to leave your college dorm right away:

It helps you gain real-life experience.

College dorms might be convenient, but they never let you get out of your comfort zone. Not everyone wants responsibilities, but it’s something that will make you truly mature. By living off-campus, you can get a gist of adulthood. This includes a lot of new responsibilities in your life, such as making budgets, cleaning, maintaining cleanliness, rectifying problems, etc. Moreover, when you live off-campus, you build the rental history that helps you find a better apartment afterwards.

Provides you with a larger living space

Admit it, dorm rooms are tiny, and with a partner, privacy is only a dream. As a freshman, living in such cramped spaces might look doable, but as you become mature, you’ll feel suffocation in such a little space. However, when you choose to live off-campus, you can enjoy a larger breathable space. Moreover, you can also have your own private bedroom, a separate kitchen, and a storage closet.

You can set your own rules.

In a dorm, you are forced to follow a set of rules with no practical meaning. Moreover, you are not allowed to invite your friends overnight (dang it). Sometimes, you often have to be a part of a curfew because of a mistake by a fellow dorm-mate. In an apartment building, all you need to take care of is noise, pets, occupancy, and amenity usage.

It saves you money

Believe it or not, living off-campus is way more cost-effective than living in a college dormitory. You need to look around and find a deal that goes in absolute synergy with your budget. Consider that renting an apartment in an accessible place will be expensive, while in other areas, it will be cheaper. Therefore, find a not-so-popular place near your university. You can also click here to know about cost-effective off-campus living spaces.

You can enjoy several amenities.

The most prominent benefit of living off-campus is the availability of numerous amenities. Most apartments will provide you with a set of amenities such as study lounge, Wi-Fi, a gym, a ping pong table, and a lot more. Moreover, you can also have access to nearby restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and parks within walking distances.

Looking for true independence

From the hallways to dorm rooms, everything is patrolled by RAs (resident assistants). They impose several rules such as quiet hours, guest policies, and sometimes, even curfew. Once you experience all these limitations, you may want to gain liberty from your dorm and start living off-campus. In an apartment, you can enjoy true independence by just ensuring the well-being of people living nearby your apartment.

Bottom Line

Moving off the campus can be a tough decision for you. However, with the benefits mentioned above, you cannot miss the opportunity to live a truly independent life. You’ll not only save money but also enjoy several amenities, have more space, and know the grind of the real world. Therefore, live off-campus and enhance your college experience gradually.



Student Accommodations: 6 Unexpected Merits You Didn’t Know

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