To-Do’s to Say The Last Goodbye to your Beloved with Love and Care

People leave for an eternal journey to heaven. However, there are some to-do’s left for the family, which deserve quick completion. Your loved ones have the right to a well-planned funeral. Besides that, there is a need to consider bank accounts, pets, and payments of bills. When your beloved dies, the job of handling their legal and personal details falls into your hands. And, the saddest part is that you need to undertake all these tasks while you’re still grieving the loss of your beloved.

Obviously, you can’t undertake all the tasks on your own, and you certainly need a helping hand. One such service to lend you a shoulder is a Los Angeles funeral home. You can also consider a checklist for keeping all the to-do activities in sync to avoid any hassles. In addition to this, some of the key things that you need to take care of as soon as your loved one dies are:

Report the death:

One of the first things to do is report the death to proper authorities to initiate the death certification process. Remember to keep multiple copies of the death certificate so that you can easily handle the tasks involved in the deceased’s final journey. Some of the key ones include body’s disposition, estate setting, and affair wrapping up.

If you’re at a nursing home or a hospital, they’ll guide you through the entire process of getting a death certificate. If you’re already in touch with a funeral home in Los Angeles, call them to get the process started. If not, then contact 911. Know that you’ll always need a funeral director to claim the body for cremation or burial. Inform the appropriate authorities so that they can preserve the deceased’s organs if they’d wished for an organ donation. Also, ensure contacting the family and friends.

Make arrangements for the funeral:

This is where the actual planning begins. Now that you’re thinking about how you’ll enter the body decide if you want to have a ceremony around the interment. Choose between a funeral, a graveside service, or a memorial service. Check if you need to have any pre or post-service activities such as viewing, visitation, or wake. Also, confirm if you’ll be preparing the body in an open casket or not. Many funeral homes consider embalming the human body for viewing before the funeral. If you choose cremation, know the elements you need to save as keepsakes. These may include clothing and jewelry, which you may consider removing from the body before the burial.

Personalize the Funeral Service:

Now that your loved one is embarking upon the final journey, you need to finalize the following critical responsibilities. Some of the most popular ones include choosing an officiant and speakers, writing eulogies, selecting the pallbearers, reading books, and creating programs. Also, consider purchasing a guestbook so that you know who attended the funeral.

Final Takeaways:

Now that the body of your loved one is well placed, make a list of bills. Cancel the services that are no longer required, like cellphone, cable, driver’s license, and the deceased’s credit cards. Also, consider memorializing the social media accounts and notify the financial advisors, banks, and credit agencies to complete the final documentation. Fulfill the dead’s wishes, if any. But don’t forget that selecting the right funeral home service in Los Angeles is of utmost importance for a seamless process.





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