Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories

In the same way the leaves have started to float of the trees, fall has dropped into our lives, which means the summer wardrobe has been packed away and the staple diet of t-shirt, sweater and jeans is ready to become your everyday ensemble. That’s just the way autumn works. Comfort comes first. Period.

Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories

For some people, this is like hearing someone run their fingernails down a blackboard, so much so they’ll pack their summer dresses into a suitcase and head off in search of warmer climes. If you are anything like us though, then your stomach is probably doing more twists than a floor gymnast as the prospect of wearing sweaters and jeans for the next five months comes to life.

The trick to making this basic ensemble something special is all about how you accessorize. That’s the golden rule when it comes to making your outfit your own. So, with that in mind, here are the bestest, cutest and most amazing ways to spruce up your staple diet this fall.

Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories

Mad Hatters

If there is just one accessory you need to grab yourself this fall it is a cute hat, something that frames your face perfectly, giving your every outfit that air of French sophistication and your pitch-perfect style a look of, “I woke up looking this good”. Trust us, the right hat can totally transform an outfit – even a totally basic, comfy and cozy outfit. If you’re one of those people that refuses to believe they are a hat person then, the next time you go into a shop, try on a hat you like and then smile. After all, no outfit is complete without a smile. Whatever you do, find that hat you love and look after it like it’s your first born child because this will become your go-to when a) you’re having a bad hair day or b) you’ve decided you hate everything in your closet. If you want some help with styles, try something like a baker boy hat, a cloche, Fedora or just anything with a floppy rim. Having been watching this season’s catwalks, the beret is also back in a big way. Whatever you decide though, navy, gray, camel and black are your best bets on the hat front

Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories.

Better With A Bag

Making a simple outfit pop is best done with a bag. What you carry in your hand or loop over your shoulder is going to define the look you are going for; that is what will define whether you are opting for casual-sophisticated or casual-cool. Basically, bags are a girl’s best friend. To get that sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with the timeless classic that are Italian leather handbags. If you want to dress this classic up a little, then try getting yourself a hand-painted bucket handbag, something that grabs the eye and adds a bounce to every one of your steps. If you want to use this as your chance to stay up on the latest trends, then anything that has fringes and tassels is going to be big. The catwalk was all about the arts and crafts look, a bag that holds a bit of a folk twist to it. The fall is in and with it comes big standout bags are too. So grab yourself a couple and keep changing up your style.

Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories

Feel It In Your Feet

If the big fashion shows were anything to go by then it is footwear that is getting the most fun this fall. What’s more, there is a little something for everyone. We’ve seen glittery shoes and shiny pumps, embellished one-inch heels and boots that look like they were once disco balls. Statement shoes also seemed to be getting more than their fair share of attention too. What really excited us, though, was how much love the fashion world was showing boots. While most people think of golden leaves and chilly days as being synonymous with fall, we think about nothing more than ankle boots, slouch boots, Chelsea boots and lace-up booties. We’re actually slightly embarrassed to talk about how many pairs of tanned boots we own. They are just the perfect jean-day accessory offering a pinch of style and splash of comfort, which is exactly what we want. If you want our advice, hit the sales and add a selection of boots to the floor of your closet. You won’t regret the versatility offered by these little beauties.

Fall Fashion: Make Your Outfit Your Own With These Accessories

Layering Up Is Lovely

September 1st came around and the temperature seemed to drop like a stone through water. We’re not saying this like it is a bad thing. Quite the opposite in fact because the colder weather means we can start layering up. It is a chance to throw on a blanket scarf and pin it to your torso with a belt tied around your waist. It is our chance to play around with a mix of scarves and pop on your favorite denim jacket. It is our chance to take a love of jeans and a t-shirt and make it look professional by pairing it with a cute navy blazer. Oh, and we finally get to pull our turtleneck sweater out of the depths of our closet and then pop a vintage, oversized vest over it. The options are endless when it comes to layering up, and that is why this should be your go-to when it comes to accessorizing and making an ordinary outfit totally breathtaking.

Like we have said throughout this blog, fall fashion is all about embracing the wild world of accessories, taking your comfortable look and making it stylish. Bags, shoes, scarves, hats; they are all godsends when it comes to magically sprucing up our lounge about outfits. This is the time of year where we can start experimenting with our style before we crash into real winter; it is the perfect time to pull together some warmer outfits we have never before tried. As much as we love spring and summer fashion, it is fall that gets our biggest vote of confidence and widest smile.

Like Michael Kors said, accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.

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