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Cheap Rustic Decor Tips

The sleek modern look has dominated decor for the past decade or so but it’s dying out. People are instead choosing to go back to a more simple, rustic aesthetic that makes use of natural materials. By bringing out the natural features in your home and stripping away all of the metal and plastic surfaces, you can easily achieve that rustic look that everybody’s going mad for at the moment. But there’s a common misconception that people have about the rustic trend; that it’s cheap. People think that you’re using simple materials that don’t need much processing, so you don’t have to pay much for it. That’s not true at all and it can be quite expensive unless you do it right. These simple tricks can help you get the look that you want without the price tag.

Reclaimed Wood

Cheap Rustic Decor Tips

Raw wood is a big part of rustic decor but buying new timber is pretty expensive. However, you can reduce that price and give your room a more authentic look if you use reclaimed wood instead. It’s also far better for the environment. You can get peel and stick wood which is just reclaimed wood with an adhesive strip on the back. It’s very easy to put up on the walls and immediately transform them into the perfect rustic feature wall. It’s perfect for anybody that rents their house as well because you won’t need to drill into the walls, just be careful of glue marks.

Another great way to use reclaimed wood is to build your own furniture out of it. A nice solid wood table in your dining room, for example, will really set it off. There are thousands of different ways that you can turn old pallet crates into great furniture. You can find the wood for free in the street, just check that whoever left it out doesn’t want to keep it. That way you can get great furniture without having to pay for it at all.


A set of perfectly painted, glossy doors can really take away from that thrown-together rustic look but that’s easily fixed. The rustic look is all about the natural look of the materials, so all you need to do is strip back the paint on those doors and leave the exposed wood there instead. It’s also worth looking around for some old fashioned, metal door handles to replace your modern looking ones.

Exposed Brick Wall

Cheap Rustic Decor Tips

If you’ve ever been into a rustic, hipster cafe, you’ll know that an exposed brick wall is the easiest way to get the look you want. It makes a powerful feature wall for your room and even if the rest of the decor isn’t even particularly rustic, it still gives the overall look. Doing it yourself is pretty cheap but be prepared, it’s a lengthy and incredibly messy job but the results are amazing. Choose the largest wall in the room to get the best effect.

Don’t worry about missing out on the rustic trend because you haven’t got the money, just use these cheap tricks and you can get the same result.

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