Helping Your Pet To Feel Happy In Their New Home

Bringing a new pet into your home is an exciting time, but for them – it can be daunting. For young pets, it could be the first time they’ve been separated from their mother – which can make settling in with a new family difficult. To help make it easier for your pet to settle in, take a look at the following tips and make your pet feel happy in their new home.

Helping Your Pet To Feel Happy In Their New Home

Get your home ready

You’ll need to make sure your home is ready to welcome your new pet. Make sure you’ve bought them food, a bed, and some toys before you bring them home and remember to give your house a thorough clean. Like children, pets will pick up and chew things they’re not supposed to – make sure your home is as safe as possible to help welcome your new arrival.

Look after their health

Your new pet will have a list of checkups and vaccinations that they will need to keep them happy and healthy. Make sure you consult a vet and do your research to make sure they get what they need and put all of the necessary appointments in your calendar. You can get some essential medicines from that will tackle fleas and ticks amongst other health conditions to help you look after your pet’s health. It’s also a good idea to stock up on some supplements that can help your pet get the vitamins and minerals they need, just like you!

Let them adjust

A new home with new things, new smells and new people will take some getting used to, so give your new pet the time to adjust. Let them sniff around and do their own thing; they’ll come to you when they’re ready. If there are other pets in the home then they will need to take their time getting used to them, so don’t be surprised if they’re not best friends overnight. Try not to overwhelm them with too many visitors or new things – take it one step at a time and let them figure things out at their own pace.

Be there for them

Helping Your Pet To Feel Happy In Their New Home

Your pet will most likely need some comforting and plenty of company when you bring them home. Make sure you can spare some time by being at home as much as possible during their first couple of weeks to help comfort them and get them used to their new home. After a couple of weeks, you can start introducing your routine so that they get used to you getting up, leaving for work, etc. and start to adjust to their new life with you.

As your pet gets used to their new home, you can start introducing them to the outdoors and take them for walks, etc. It’s important for cats and dogs especially that you train them and there are tips you can use to help encourage their good behavior. Give your pet the best welcome possible to help them settle in their new home, and they’ll soon fit right in with the family.

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