10 Myths About Chiropractic Care Debunked

Chiropractors are professionals who specialize in treating disorders of the musculoskeletal systems. They are usually consulted for treatment of back and neck pain, sports injuries, and injuries caused by accidents. Though chiropractic treatment is different from the conventional medical treatment, its objective is the same- to provide the patient lasting relief from pain. Since these practitioners deal with delicate areas of the body, some patients may be apprehensive about taking up the treatment. Also, there are several myths and misconceptions that have been formed about chiropractors because of the lack of complete knowledge about the treatment they provide. Let us debunk these myths and make it clear that chiropractic treatment really works to bring effective results.

1. Chiropractors are not doctors

One of the most widely prevalent misconceptions about these practitioners is that they are not accredited doctors. But the fact is that they have to take up four to five years of specialized training from a chiropractic college after completing their pre-medical undergraduate education in science. During their specialization years, they are to take up extensive classroom study in addition to laboratory training and clinical experience. So there is no reason to think that you cannot trust a chiropractor for your treatment.

2. Chiropractors treat only back pain

If you think that chiropractic treatment is only meant for addressing back pain, you are mistaken because there is a range of problems that they can help you with. You can consult them for injury-related pain in joints and muscles, neck pain, and even headaches. They also offer lifestyle counseling related to fitness, nutrition and ergonomics manage health conditions and promote holistic well-being in patients.

3. Chiropractic treatment is expensive

Another false belief about chiropractic treatment is that it is expensive but scientific studies have proved otherwise. Patients who take medical treatment rather than seeing a chiropractor are more likely to undergo surgical procedures for spinal problems. On the other hand, this alternative therapy is capable of rendering lasting relief if taken in the long run. Yes, it can take longer than conventional treatment but comes up as an effectively less expensive treatment as compared to the costs of surgery and rehabilitation required as the components of conservative care.

4. Once you start the treatment, it has to go on

Several patients are tricked into believing that they may have to take chiropractic treatment for a lifetime once they initiate it. This mindset may make you apprehensive about committing to a long-term treatment plan that costs a considerable sum. However, this is a myth that needs to be debunked. Like all other medical practitioners, chiropractors also understand the root cause of the problem and develop a targeted plan to address it. They ideate the number of sessions that you would require to improve the symptoms and get rid of the problem.

5. Chiropractic care can be dangerous

Another misconception that dissuades people from opting for this form of pain relief treatment is that it can be dangerous. The truth is that it is just the opposite as chiropractic treatment is minimally invasive, which makes it much safer than surgical procedures. It uses simpler and safer measures such as spinal adjustment and neck manipulation to resolve pain. Furthermore, there is no need to take pain relief medications and anti-inflammatory drugs that will be normally included in the medical treatment regimen. This means that you will not have to face the side effects related to these medications.

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6. Adjustments can be very painful

Chiropractic treatment is often associated with extreme pain, which is attributed to the spinal adjustments that your provider will give. If this is something that is stopping you from taking this treatment, you should not believe this misconception. Adjustments do not cause extreme pain of done properly and by an experienced professional. It is normal to experience some discomfort but this is usually the result of the injury rather than the adjustment. Most of the patients report pain relief after the adjustment.

7. Adjustments can crack your bones

While some people worry about adjustments because of the pain they may cause, others go a step further thinking that they may actually crack the bones. There is no truth in this statement as adjustments are completely safe unless performed by an unqualified person. The misconception originates from the fact that you usually hear popping sounds while the chiropractor makes adjustments. These sounds are not caused by cracking or grinding of the bones but by the release of the gas bubbles between the joints.

8. Chiropractic treatment wears out the joints

People tend to believe that chiropractic treatment wears out the joints but the truth is exactly the opposite. Bone joints are lubricated by a fluid which prevents them from rubbing against each other. Chiropractic treatment does not interfere with the joint movement in any way. Moreover, the spinal adjustments that a chiropractor makes are directed only on such joints that have lost their mobility. So there is no question of the joints wearing out in any way.

9. Chiropractic treatment is not recommended for children

Another common myth about chiropractic treatment is that it is not meant for young children. Conversely, it is considered better for young patients as it takes a gentle approach to treatment. There is no need to give them strong medicines or use invasive procedures to resolve the problem, which makes it a better option for young patients. Moreover, they are likely to recover even faster as compared to older patients.

10. Chiropractic care is not as effective as conventional treatment

Often, patients tend to believe that chiropractic care is not effective as a treatment for pain. However, several recent studies have proved the efficacy of this form of treatment. Spine and joint adjustments have shown proven efficacy for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain. The best part is that a large number of patients have been saved from surgical procedures because of this alternative therapy. You can therefore, safely consider getting treated by an expert at chiropractor Greensboro or elsewhere for safe and lasting pain relief.

Now that the myths related to chiropractic care have been debunked, it can be regarded as a safer yet effective alternative for patients struggling with musculoskeletal problems. You should make sure that you see a skilled and qualified practitioner who has complete knowledge about the treatment and gives you personalized care.

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