Best In Show: Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Have you got a new puppy or have you struggled to control your pooch since they joined the family? Bringing a pet home is an incredibly exciting thing to do, but there’s no doubt that looking after a dog can also be hard graft. Puppies are notoriously mischievous, and even if you have an older dog, it’s never too late for them to learn new tricks. If you dread coming home to shredded cushions or chewed up shoes, here are some simple ways you can improve your dog’s behavior.

Best In Show: Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior
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Set rules from day one
When you have a gorgeous bundle of fluff on your lap, and your puppy is gazing longingly into your eyes, it can be difficult to think about discipline, but it’s so important to set ground rules from the outset. Like children, puppies learn a lot in a very short space of time, and the sooner they get used to your house rules, the better. You can be a loving, caring owner and be strict at the same time. For helpful basic training tips, this article may be useful Encourage good behavior by showing your puppy what to do, for example, going into their crate or bed for the night, and tell them off if they do something you’re not happy about, for example, jumping up all the time.

Best In Show: Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior

Be consistent
Once you’ve got rules in place, it’s essential to be consistent. If you accept bad behavior one day, and then take a firmer line the next time the dog does the same thing, they’ll get mixed messages. Make sure you keep praising good behavior and discouraging them from doing things like chewing and barking excessively.

Make use of gadgets and gizmos
You’re probably aware that businesses rely on all kinds of advanced gadgets and gizmos these days, but you may not be au fait with the latest developments in the pet world. Nowadays, you can buy all kinds of accessories and toys that are designed to encourage good behavior. If you’ve got a dog that won’t stop barking, for example, and your neighbors have already complained, it’s worth having a look at and reading some bark collar reviews. Bark collars help to calm noisy pooches by vibrating when the dog starts barking. There’s no pain involved, but the signal helps them to understand when it’s time to give the vocal cords a rest.

Best In Show: Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior

Look for puppy training classes
It’s really useful for dogs to learn how to behave at an early age, and obedience classes are an excellent option. Look online for details of local classes and ask friends or colleagues who have pets for recommendations. Taking your puppy to training can help them to learn basic commands, and it’s also a really good socialization exercise. Your pup will get used to spending time with other dogs, as well as learning to respond to you.

Keep your dog entertained
Often, dogs can get into trouble because they get bored. If you’re out for a long time, they’ll start craving attention, and their minds will wonder, which could end up in chaos. If you’re going out, make sure your dog has plenty of toys to keep them busy. If they tend to bark while you’re not at home, it may be a good idea to leave the radio or TV on so that they feel like they’re not alone. Try and choose toys that will keep them occupied for a long time or give them snacks that will prevent them from chewing clothes, table legs or sofa cushions, such as bones and dental sticks.

Offer rewards
Dogs are like humans in that they respond well to compliments and rewards. Encourage your pet pooch to behave well by reinforcing positive behavior and offering a small treat when they are good. You could offer a chew when they sit on command or they walk by your side while you’re out and about, for example.

Best In Show: Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior

Are you a dog owner or are you preparing to bring a new puppy home? Owning a dog has so many amazing benefits, but it can be trying at times. It’s virtually impossible to find a dog owner who hasn’t come home to find the house in a mess or their favorite possessions in tatters. Being mischievous is part and parcel of being a puppy, but there are some steps you can take to try and promote good behavior from an early age. Teach your dog how to behave when they’re very young, reinforce positive behavior, and be strict but fair. Offer rewards, take advantage of innovations that could help and investigate local obedience classes.

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