5 Common Signs You Should Know That Confirm You Have Termites

Termites look a little like ants, generally come out at night, and are happy to live in wood as long as they can stay moist. In short, they are perfectly adapted to live in your crawl space or foundations and flourish. Of course, that means they can build a colony and flourish for an extensive period before you even know they are there.

Considering termites can eat through roughly six inches of 2×4 wood in just five months, you will quickly realize that this is one pest you don’t want to leave undetected.

That’s why, if you notice any of the following signs that confirm you have termites, you should click here, and get in touch with your local and reputable pest control specialist.

  1. Soft Wood

Wood is generally hard, that’s why you need a saw to cut it. However, there are two common reasons why wood becomes soft and crumbly. The first is that termites have been eating their way through the wood, weakening it. In other words, it will crumble in your hands. If it’s not quite at this stage you’ll still find it easy to sink a screwdriver into the wood.

The second option is that you have wet rot. This happens when the wood is wet for an extended period and simply starts to decay.

  1. Tiny Holes in Wood

Termites eat through the wood, that’s why you won’t see much sawdust on the floor. This is in contrast to carpenter ants which tunnel through wood but don’t eat it.

Of course, if the termites are moving through your wood they will need an entry and exit point. You’ll recognize the tiny holes in the wood, you’ve probably seen them before. This tells you there is a wood-boring pest in your home and it needs to be attended to.

  1. Buckling Floorboards

As the termites tunnel through the wood they will force the surrounding particles aside. This effectively swells the size of the wood. When this occurs in floorboards or wood paneling, the wood will buckle.

This is because it is trying to expand but has nowhere to go. If you notice buckling floorboards you need to suspect termites and get professional help.

It’s worth noting you can even hear the termites moving in the walls or floor.

  1. Visible Sighting

Termites generally move around at dusk, when the light is reduced and they feel less noticeable. If you suspect you have termites then you need to look at the floor in the area you think they are operating. Wait quietly until you hear a sound and then use a torch to see if there are any.

If you can capture any it will make it easier for the pest control specialists to identify them.

  1. Mud Tunnels

Finally, termites need to stay moist. To do this they create mud tunnels between, your foundations and the garden. These mud tunnels will be visible around the outside of the house. If you see them, close a couple of tunnels and leave the area alone. Check again the next day and the tunnels will be reopened, confirming the termites are active!


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2 thoughts on “5 Common Signs You Should Know That Confirm You Have Termites

  • Ugh I hate those things. We have Terminex come on a schedule.

  • I never knew that termites are known to feast on wood and damage it from the inside. I like your suggestion of investigating for mud tubes that they use to roam around your home. I’ll keep this in mind and consult a pest expert once I complete my big move!


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