A Guide To The Process Of Creating A Custom-Made Engagement Ring

More and more couples are choosing to have their engagement and weddings rings tailor made. It might even surprise you to learn that having the ring made is no more expensive that choosing one off the shelf from a jewellery store. It is very fitting that such an important piece of jewellery is handmade and designed by the wearer. With that in mind, here is a list of the stages that come together to create the perfect engagement ring from a leading custom jeweller.

Calculating Your Budget

It is important to decide exactly how much you are prepared to invest in the engagement rings, as this is one of the first things the jeweller will ask. Make sure that you stick to a realistic figure and remember that there are a lot of expenses when getting married, not least saving the deposit for a house.

Choosing A Custom Jeweller

When looking for Brisbane custom engagement rings, for example, Google is your best friend and can hook you up with a leading custom jeweller. The jeweller would sit down with you (or via a Zoom call) and discuss the many design options and they have some great design templates to view in case you are open to ideas. Check the online reviews, as this will give you peace of mind, knowing that others are happy with the work.

Choosing Loose Stones

The custom jeweller is able to source diamonds and other precious stones at trade prices, which saves you a lot of money. This would be the time to choose the cut for the stones and the jeweller is happy to advise on suitable diamond cuts.

Nailing The Design

There are many aspects to consider such as the band metal, the precious stones, the cuts and, of course, the design. This can generally be done via video calls, when the jeweller creates 3D images using a computer. While it might take a while, you will eventually approve the final design and the work can begin. Most custom jewellers use computer technology to create a 3D image which they send to the client and with some back and forth, all aspects can be fine-tuned. Once you approve the final design, the next step is the making of the ring.

The Making Of The Ring

Diamond engagement ring on a red rose / Creating A Custom-Made Engagement Ring
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When everything is agreed and you have no questions, the custom jeweller can start work. If you happen to be in Australia, The Diamond Jewellery Studio is one of the highly recommended jewellers that offer unique diamond jewellery in Brisbane. A date will be scheduled for the ring to be viewed by the client upon completion. It doesn’t take long for a skilled custom jeweller to work their magic and much like a tailor, the jeweller might request a fitting, just to check that you are happy with every aspect and that the fit is good.

The entire process can be carried out without ever having to meet with the jeweller, thanks to VoIP communication. Of, course, the final step is to collect the ring and prepare for the engagement party.

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