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Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Santa BABY

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received items from some of the brands below to facilitate this publication, which is part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guides series of posts. All info on products/services come directly from brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the authors.

Little Ones and Christmas are like Cookies and Milk…they just go together perfectly!

Santa Baby

Welcome to our 2021 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Santa BABY



Woombie was Est. in 2007 when a need was recognized for safer swaddling. Since then, Woombie has grown to what it is today while maintaining a family oriented, grassroots business approach. With over 1 million happy babies and parents, Woombie swaddles have been proudly recognized as one of the top baby swaddles in the world!
Developmentally designed, the Woombie Hands Over Heart™ sleep position has been recognized as the healthiest way for babies to sleep, allowing hands at midline to reduce stress and calm the nervous system, skin-on-skin contact by hand holding, gentle compression- mimicking parental touch and fostering self soothing, all while maintaining rigid sleep and swaddle safety standards.
Woombie swaddling promotes the recommended back sleeping position and assists with symptoms of colic with it’s tapered waist (gentle tummy pressure) and patented 4-way stretch Bebeflex™ fabric. Woombie also allows space for a hip friendly system and approach.
Woombie has received over 20 awards received for design and innovation.
Less Origami, more sleep!

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MiniOwls / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Santa BABY

Info from MiniOwls

Organizing Spaces – Creating Beautiful Places.Two moms, five kids, two working husbands, and tons of ideas.

MiniOwls’ organizational products will turn parenting into a breeze…
Well, not really… but they will make huge part of it that much easier!

MiniOwls is the collaboration of childhood friends: Malwina and Margaret, two moms (with 5 kids between us) that have been driven crazy by the mountains of toys scattered throughout our homes!

Just like most moms we became overwhelmed by the growing amounts of toys that our children have, love, and can’t seem to part with…and we’ve dreamt of the calm and clean spaces we’ve seen on Pinterest.

Gift that Keeps on Giving

From the very beginning, not knowing how far we will go or how big we will grow, we made a decision that our company will make every effort to touch the lives of many, not only through creating beautiful, organized places, but also by giving back to the community. We are proud to say that we continue to support various non-profit organizations and every day we are donating a percentage of profits from all sales to breast cancer & autism foundations.

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Santa Baby

Sunny the Snail Mail

Sunny the Snail Mail / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Santa BABY

Info from Sunny the Snail Mail

Sunny delivers real PERSONALIZED letters (to kids ages 4 to 8) every single week. They LOVE getting his letter EVERY week! Sunny the Mail Snail (Snail Mail for Kids) helps struggling readers, and encourages learning, adventure, kindness, and silliness.

Children receive a personalized letter every week from Sunny the Mail Snail. Sunny is a lovable, adventure-seeking mail snail who delivers mail to animals around the world. Each story-telling letter includes cool animal facts, geography, fun adventures, and special treasures: stickers, washable tattoos, secret codes to solve, and so much more! Sunny builds geographical awareness and a knowledge of countries, continents, and oceans. Educational facts make learning easy and fun!

  • 4-5 Personalized letters a month
  • Animal trading cards
  • Secret code cards
  • Stickers and tattoos
  • Bookmarks
  • Much more!

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Santa Baby



Info From LoveHeld

LoveHeldⓇ Ring Sling Baby Carriers + Luxury Home Items. Bringing joy, comfort & style with soft, Oeko-Tex textiles. Held With Love Every Day.
From super soft baby carriers to luxury home items, LoveHeld is with you through each of life’s stages.

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Santa Baby


Info from BiBado

Founded by a mummy of twins, we’re a British brand creating products to make parents’ lives easier.
Designed by parents, for parents, and home of the award winning Bibado Coverall weaning bib.
Caring community and honest advice.

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Info From BrideBrush BriteBrush

Brushing Teeth Will Never Be The Same

Make Bedtime Routines Easier

BriteBrush® is on a mission to make it FUN to brush your teeth RIGHT by using game play and smart sensor technology to teach and instill healthy oral care habits for the whole family. As parents, we know that getting your kids to brush their teeth is hard and stressful which is why we came up with BriteBrush®. Our toothbrush transforms this twice-a-day every day struggle into something fun and effective for the whole family.

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Santa Baby

Ojala Threads

Ojala Threads


Info From Ojala Threads

Ojala Threads creates baby bodysuits that honor heritage, values and experiences. Our baby bodysuits feature unique designs inspired by Hispanic heritage.


We are Taínos the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Principal inhabitants of Cuba, Trinidad, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. The symbols that make up our logo represent  our identity. It is how we choose to start the conversation.

Gold Rosa de Bayahibe, the national flower of the Dominican Republic

Pereskia Quisqueyana aka la Rosa de Bayahibe is the national flower of the Dominican Republic.

It is actually a cactus, but one of the few that has leaves. La rosa is endangered due to a loss of habitat but has begun thriving since its uniqueness was recognized.

We chose this flower as the bohio or home for our logo because so often what is right before us, is special. We just need to realize it…

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22 thoughts on “Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Santa BABY

  • These are great ideas. Thank you

  • WOW, these are some nice gifts for your baby! My grandbaby loves her Brite Brush :0)

  • I love buying gift to kids and babies. But it has been a while so thank you for your help in finding the right one.

  • The holiday season is just around the corner, and now would be the best time to start preparing gifts and giveaways for our friends and loved ones. Thankfully, this article is a great read to help us decide what gifts we can give, especially to the little ones.

    – Dan White

  • I have two nieces and I am glad I found this. It will be a great help to think of a gift for them. Thank you for sharing.

  • I want to sign my son up to get those letters from Sonny the Snail! What a cute idea!

  • You have some great ideas for babies here! I like those organizational gifts.

  • I love all these ideas. I’m so glad I’m already finishing with my holiday gift shopping. We actually get snail mail too and my daughter loves it.

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  • Wow! These are all really great ideas you have here! Now i have an idea what to give to my sisters baby.

  • I need to get some of these items for my granddaughter! I love the kids toothbrushes and always get my kids new fun toothbrushes for Christmas so now i’ll have to get her one too!

  • These are all great ideas. We love Bibado. It’s great coz the designers are parents too.

  • This is exactly what I’m looking for. I need to get some of these items for my niece!

  • What a great list of baby products. My best friend’s daughter just had a baby the other day she could use some of these products. I really like the baby Sling Baby Carriers

  • The Bibado Coverall weaning bib looks like a perfect gift for kids and also for all parents. I like the design and the easy clean-up.

  • I have no idea what is good for babies since my kids are growing up so fast. This is good information and so helpful for gifting.

  • I had a sling like when my kids were small. It was really helpful. All of these items look great for families with young children and babies.

  • This is a really great gift idea, I need to get some of these for my baby!

  • I wish the loveheld was popular when I had my kids. Baby wearing was just taking off when my youngest was a toddler. I personally didn’t baby wear but wish that I did. It makes life easier with a newborn.

  • I don’t have a little one of my own, but I have so many friends that have just added to their families. So helpful when your kids are teenagers and you have no clue what little ones like.

  • I love these gift ideas! I don’t have little ones, but so many of these would make great gifts!


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